“Elden ring” is cleared within 3 hours of no damage.
 Just looking just looking at a straight attack law challenge

“Elden ring” is cleared within 3 hours of no damage. Just looking just looking at a straight attack law challenge

“Elden Ring” seems to have been cleared by literally “No Damage” by overseas speed runner. Clear time is also within 3 hours and a short time. Overseas Media Kotaku has reported. It should be noted that there is also a reference to the final boss in the second half of this paper.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. While the search for the large narrow area, which is the stage, it is a work with a lot of difficulties while enjoying it carefully. In addition to poisoning and flocking enemies, there are many strong enemies such as bosses that emit a fierce attack. Even if you have a life-threatening lasting guidance, you will often be able to do it if you secure “vitality” to improve your physical strength firmly (without doing it).

It seems that a brazed person appeared literally, literally “No Damage”. Enemy attacks, of course, is a game completion without any scratch, such as falling damage and poison damage. The achievement of the Australia-based Speed runner Seki. From Software Past Works “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”, it is a person who achieved no damage clear. He reports “Elden ring” no damage clear on April 2nd on his own Twitter account.

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The time that Seki beated this time is 51 minutes 10 seconds for 2 hours. First, this time is faster. Game Clear Time Aggregation site HowlongTobeat According to HowlongTobeat, it is said that it takes 49 hours to clear only the main story. It is a work that can be played for over 100 hours if you enjoy it carefully, and it can be seen that the 3-hour separation itself is outstanding time. SEKI has achieved a challenge for a short time, a challenge for quite caution.

In addition, this challenge is achieved at “Elden Ring” current latest version Ver. 1.03.2, and there are no more glitches (bugs) and so on. In other words, because of its power and convenience, the fierce battle “frost step” has been weakened before Ver.1.02, is weakened, and techniques using glitches such as stopping the Boss AI are not also used. A kind of “Positive attack method” has achieved no damage clear.

SEKI has chosen as a spectacular challenge main weapon, is a strong attack derivation from the war. Depending on the boss, the gravity magic “rock” is also useful. In addition, we are using the device that aims for no damage, and when the enemy prepares an extremely annoying attack, it is rewarded using “memorable blessings”. In addition, the nasty strong opponent has a flying tool and feels cautiously played with caution.

From the beginning to the end, just looking for a regular person, he plays SEKI’s play. He said, “It was especially difficult to have a final boss” to Kotaku. For the other hand, with the technique that the boss is released, “Elde’s meteor” where the player can use the same prayer is that the workaround is very limited. Therefore, it is just a good timing and the boss was scolded and practiced for several tens of hours to cut out with no damage. Also, Seki has repeated challenges before this record. There was also the moment of tragedy that everything in a single blow for 2 hours and 20 minutes. This no damaged clear achievement is a crystal of blood and sweat and tears.

Seki tells Kotaku, and then tells the goal of wanting to clear the “All Remembrances” category with no damage. In this challenge, only the bosses needed to go through the progress and equipment. On the other hand, “ALL REMEMBRANCES” must defeat the strong enemies who drop recollections. However, Seki is showing what this is “true trial”. Going forward, play with an embedded community will appear to have a “Elden ring” liver liver.

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