Werder coach Ole Werner: Dominance brings us little at the end

Werder coach Ole Werner: Dominance brings us little at the end

“I’ve seen a good performance of my team, rarely you have a game so clearly controlled, so clearly dominated,” Werner’s analysis was on the “Sky” microphone after closing. “It annoys me that we could not reward our performance today with three points.”

In the end, the efficient guests from Sandhausen drove home with a very happy point win. 25: 3 Torchuses at 75 percent ball possession or 2.34: 0.31 xGoals in favor of the Bremen Languages volumes. At the same time, Werder had started late with the offensive firework. After a strong piercing by Nicolai Rapp (17th) Niclas Füllkrug had only after a scarce half an hour the first real scorchance of the households, in the detention time of the first half awarded Felix Agu then the best opportunity until then.

Defense work is the “quality of the opponent”

“A clear journey ratio for us brings us a little when the opponent exploits his only chance – the only mistake we did today,” Werner said rightly at the press conference. Sandhausen was watching for the first time after a good hour for the first time in front of the gate – and Pascal TestRoet turned the chance of icy cold to 1: 0 lead for the outsider.

Blitz-Rückkehr bei Toprak, Friedl und Weiser? Werder Bremen-Trainer Ole Werner ist „optimistisch“!

The Bremen remained only the compensation by Marvin Ducksch after 72 minutes, a second goal did not want to fall. Also because of the SVS all detained and defended the point win with man and mouse. This also appreciated Werner, who described the defensive as a “quality of the opponent”. In fact, Sandhausen – Wirtschwächste defensive the first round – play the best defense of the back series with only nine goals from eleven.

“Especially in the second half we have implemented many things we have made,” the Bremer coach praised, which emphasized several times, to be satisfied with the performance of his team. Even the triple chain improvised because of the many failures played well and “Little to, that certainly speaks for the players”.

“Very good starting position” for the season finale

With Milos Veljkovic (muscular problems during the country tour) and the longer injured Marco Friedl (abdominal muscle injury) and Ömer Toprak (calm problems) were missing three-level central defenders, so Anthony young and Christian Great as in the top game against Darmstadt started in the triple chain – next to that of The six retracted rapp.

A look at the table situation Werner carried an optimistic outlook: “We go with a very good starting position in the final spurt, which we have worked out in the last few weeks – and now it’s about getting a good preparation for St. Pauli”. The top game at the millennium is rising next Saturday (13.30 clock) with the only one counter behind Werder shagging Kiete performances. The two-placed part of Darmstadt is a guest at Saturday night at Tracker Nuremberg.

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