Elden Ring has a shortened seventh finish, discover DataMiner

Elden Ring has a shortened seventh finish, discover DataMiner

There are already more eld ring endings than any other fromSoftware game, but DataMiners have discovered a secret seventh end that was cut out of the game and called the Age of Absolute.

Published by Garden of Eyes’ YouTube, this end was apparently from the game, because the quest row to get it, it has never done to the final publication. The end is initially playing like many other elden ring endings and puts Marika’s head on her body, with a similar dialogue told the end.

In the end, however, the earth tree is put on fire and the player character looks with five fingers on a hand. What this means is not clear, but speculation of members of the community and in the comments of the video of the end indicates that during this end, the three fingers (represent the chaos) and two fingers (represent the order) to something To create a new golden order that includes all aspects. As a result, this could have been perceived as the best end if it had been in the last game because the harmony in The Lands Between had been restored.

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It is somewhat disappointing to see that this end did not make it in the Final Cut, as this represents the most interesting conclusion of the journey through The Lands Between and the Three Fingers and Two Fingers were largely crowded to the edge to the edge.

Anyway, this will probably not be the last discovery we make of people who have elden ring datinines, since Bloodborne datinines revealed a lot of cut content. So there is the possibility that there is a lot hidden in the files of the game.

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