The next generation of “Apex Legends” will be delivered on March 30. Apde also distributes G7 scouts

The next generation of “Apex Legends” will be delivered on March 30. Apde also distributes G7 scouts

Respawn Entertainment announced on March 29, PLAYSTATION 5 / Xbox Series X | S version of “ Apex Legends ” to deliver from March 30. It is the way to release it at the same time as Warriors Collection Events.

4K output can be performed in the next generation of models. The refresh rate is currently corresponding to 60 Hz and corresponds to the HDR. Also, the resolution of the shadow map will rise and it seems that more sharp shadows will be depicted. The distance between LOD (Level of Distance) is also a pattern in which the views are detailed in detail.

Also, the content applied in future updates was also revealed. For the refresh rate 120Hz, it supports in the future patch. Also, both the PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version, the visual audio surface seems to be improved. In addition, about PS5 version, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are also supported in the future.

Next Gen Release Date for Apex Legends Season 12 PS5 Xbox Series X

For users who have already downloaded “Apex Legends” in the PS5 version, first select “Apex Legends” on the PS5 dashboard. Open “Select a version” from “…” next to the “Play game” button and select the PS5 version to start the next generation of the next generation of the next generation. When the download is complete, let’s delete the old PS4 version from the game library. In addition, as the latest version is delivered via smart delivery for Xbox Series x | s, the next generation of updates are automatically applied.

In addition, several adjustments and correction patches are also delivered in the March 30 update. As for the control mode that revives for a limited time, the problem that the spawnpoint can not be confirmed from the spawn menu when octane died while hitting the stimulant. In addition, the turbocharger is removed from the Purpetic weapon and can not be obtained if it is not after the gold tier. In addition, the crash problem is also improved. UI bugs were also corrected, and bugs that spinning ammunition disappeared while sweeping the mobile seala of the lam.

G7 Scout is also adjusted, and the delay when shooting with double tap decreases from 0.475 to 0.375. Corrections are also corrected for double tap installation. In addition, the number of spare bullets increased from 120 to 140. In addition, the spawn rate of hop up is also adjusted, and the hammer point bullets and kinetic feeders increase. The appearance rate decreases for dead eye zempo, shutter cap and booster loader.

“Apex Legends” PS5 / Xbox Series X | S. STEMENT APDATION will be delivered from March 30. Warriors collection events are also started.

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