Lost ARK: Bound upgrade materials

Lost ARK: Bound upgrade materials

In Lost Ark, the successive improvement of the equipment belongs by evaluations to the endgame spiral. Especially the last ITemlevel meters before the change of animal 1 to animal 2 or of animal 2 to animal 3 are quite expensive. There will be even more expensive when you want to make your character in the Tier-3 area for the Abbound Raid Argos and the upcoming challenges. Anyone who also wants to play a few twinks in the endgame should therefore handle the reveased upgrade materials very efficiently. But there is a problem…

Hard plays, but nothing worth

While in Korea, Russia and Japan – where Lost Ark has already appeared a long time ago – in addition to tradable upgrade materials, which are bound to the squad of the owner (so these are available to all characters of the account on the server ), European and North American players may exclusively “rejoice” about character-related upgrade materials.

The result: Many EU and Na players actually include very valuable but unfortunately bound upgrade materials that can only be closed in the ton, because the character is already in the next Tier Level. This circumstance has already been criticized several times – and other in this forum post.

Exclusively tied – but why?

A few days ago then community presenter Roxx promised to forward this request to the developers. And actually there was feedback at the weekend! First, the developers emphasize that only upgrade materials from events is bound. Materials from “regular sources” can be traded.

Then they betrayed the reason for the bound items: you want to prevent the system exploit, especially with a view of bots and the economy. Why the items are character-bound here and, for example, in Korea cadring, was unfortunately not an issue. After all, the developers want to take feedback on the occasion to discuss this point internally.

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