Game culture: Producer of Mass Effect works on new Sci-Fi

Game culture: Producer of Mass Effect works on new Sci-Fi

Casey Hudson, with Bioware, etc.. Significantly involved in the development of Mass Effect, Casey Hudson has announced more about the debut game of Humanoid Studios. This is according to website description around “a multi-platform AAA game focused on telling a story in a brand new science fiction universe.”

Hudson has a long history with Bioware, which returns to the times of Baldur’s Gate 2. He is known for his work as a project manager at the Mass Effect Trilogy. Shortly thereafter he left Bioware in 2014, but returned after the release of Mass Effect Andromeda 2017. In 2020 he left the studio again and founded his own playful skills in June 2021 with Humanoid Studios. Although Hudson still has not revealed the title of the game, but an update on the site provides us with the first information and concepts.

New Details on Casey Hudson's New Game & Why You Should Care (Creator of Mass Effect)

The awakens immediately memories. So on a picture e.g. A person in a spatassuit in front of a massive skull, another shows a huge futuristic space station in front of the backdrop of an idyllic mountain landscape. However, the website is focused on new team members, so there are plenty of job advertising under the menu item “Career” – from the 3D artist to the leading level designer everything is searched. More information such as e.g. The scheduled system or even a release date is not available at the current time.

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