Where to find mucus in Rune Factory 5 – Hyde on wanted monsters

Where to find mucus in Rune Factory 5 – Hyde on wanted monsters

The side quest “Wanted Monster” first introduces you to Libya at the beginning of the game along with the possibility of catching monsters. To execute the quest “Wanted Monster”, you first need to reduce HP your goal, and then capture it with SP .

However, each wanted monster is unique and is in a specific area. That’s where to find mucus .

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Location mucus

The mucus is located on the northwestern part of the FOROS Forest next to the river flowing through the territory. It will be surrounded by mushroom monsters, which will be easy to kill.

Contrary to his slow movement, the slide attacks quickly and usually without signs that it is going to attack. It also has a surprisingly greater range of attack. Throwing spells on it and stay away from sin away. In addition, unlike armory skills, the spells do not use RP!

If you can not find a mucus, make sure you talked with Libya and have chose mucus subordinate. If another wanted monster is selected as a target, the mucus will not appear.

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