Osnabrück: Heider extends, meets and equalizes a record

Osnabrück: Heider extends, meets and equalizes a record

The VFL Osnabrück missed by the 1: 1 against Eintracht Braunschweig to shorten the distance to the BTSV to a point. Nevertheless, there was a positive news for the Osnabrücker on Saturday: the VfF shared shortly before the game that the Treaty of Captain Marc Heider has been extended automatically by 2023 due to a clause.

How important the 35-year-old Routinian is, he showed right in Lower Saxony-Duel. Shortly before the break, the striker was right and met from a pointed angle to the compensation – it was his 32th third division for the purple white.

The only meaning that this had for me today was to equalize the residue.

Marc Heider

Thus he moved with Marcos Alvarez the same, which so far, the most third league goals for the club scored for the club of the Bremen Brücke. “Finally it worked, finally I got the little 1. Since I have to be a top of the game again next game,” says Heider against “Magenta sport”, but also emphasizes that he had not thought about it before: “The only meaning who had today for me was to equalize the residue, “explained the VfL captain.

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In the current season, the attacker comes to 18 scorer points in 29 lots. This is the best value in the team of purple whites. Accordingly, they are looking to be responsible for the returnee from 2016 to the seventh year in a row for the VfL.

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