Songs of Conquest will return to Early Access on May 10

Songs of Conquest will return to Early Access on May 10

Already discussed in our columns a few weeks ago as part of a preview that allowed us to try the game for more than ten hours, Songs of Conquest ended up set a public release date. The one that stands as an heir of the Heroes of Might & Magic will first pass through a phase of eardless access_, as confirmed by his appearance at the last future Games Show.

Songs of Conquest - Release Date Overview Trailer
This first version will embark four factions, a campaign mode, local and online mode and a skirmish mode, as well as a card editor – in any identical point with that used by developers.

As a reminder, Songs of Conquest is developed by the Little Lavapotion studio for the Coffee Stain publisher and aims to resume and modernize the heritage of the HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC ** of yesteryear. Dressed in an elegant pixel art to the chiadee animations, the game resumes the main principles of the earth exit series by New World Computing: a campaign card to discover with a general who can equip and improve his abilities, but also Recruit troops to fight on a tactical card in turn.

But, between the design of its units, its tactical orientations and its system of magic, Songs of Conquest has some arguments to express its personality in the heart of a very square specifications. Lavapotion is responsible for explaining all this in the new game.

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