Jamie Lee Curtis will take a wow cosplay to the wedding of her daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis will take a wow cosplay to the wedding of her daughter

To many surprise, the actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a great fan of videogames. For the premiere of warcraft was dressed as a game character, it was infiltrated at BLIZZCON 2015 with a costume of a Wow Undead, and even attended EVO 2015 using a mask From Vega Street Fighter. Now, Curtis ** will make use of the cosplay for a truly special occasion.

During the program Jimmy Kimmel Live, Curtis announced that you will be forming your youngest daughter’s wedding, Ruby Guest , using a cosplay of Jaina Proudmoore, One of the Sorcerees Most powerful that exist in the universe of World of Warcraft . And it is that her wedding will have a cosplays theme.

The conversation between Curtis and Kimmel is certainly fun, because the actress makes the best effort to pretend dementia and not know what a game is about wow . Of course, we all know that she is a great fan of the title of Blizzard , and it will be interesting to see the photos of curtis with her cosplay.

Another actor who is also a fan of World of Warcraft is Henry Cavill , who plays Geralt of Rivia in the series of The Witcher and Superman in the DCEU . Here you can see an interview with the actor where he does his best to explain the differences between this game and Warhammer .

Jamie Lee Curtis on Her Daughter’s Cosplay Wedding, Doing “Circus of the Stars” in 1977 & New Movie

Editor’s note: This shows us that anyone, regardless of the age of it, can enter video games. In recent years we have seen many celebrities declare their love for this industry, and surely that this trend will not disappear shortly with the new generations of Hollywood.

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