WoW TBC Classic: Drachenbuck and Haste Slot Do not stack

WoW TBC Classic: Drachenbuck and Haste Slot Do not stack

With the fresh started phase 4 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic it goes off, and we actually mean that in the sense of speed. The fighting speed to be accurate. Tempo will now play a much bigger role from now on.

  • Reason number 1 : In Zul’Aman, the new recipe for the large tempo drums can be found, through which the popular drumming effect can be optimally exploited optimally.
  • Reason number 2 : You can use the popular wrought weapon Drachenbag, which can noticeably increase your attack pace, now use in both hands. Furor warriors and amplifier shamans are likely to be completely terryed alone (at least if they can pay the horrendous manufacturing costs).

Stymying the Arakkoa WoW TBC Classic

An already a haste potion and combat rush / heroism and starts the wild DPS ride. Theoretical…

Fun brake advance! Dragon strike and waste slot do not stack

A few hours ago, however, a player in the official forum reported that the buff of dragon strike and the effect of Haste potion in TBC Classic do not stack. Is this a bug or a feature? Game Producer Agggend took the time for a longer answer, because this is under the line: both, or nothing of both. Here are the findings:

  • In the original TBC, it was like that, at least from January 2007 to May 2008, that the effects of dragon strike and have “stiffen”. Similarly, the two effects in the last nine months of TBC Classic behaved.
  • With the changes in Patch 2.4.2, however, the two effects were packed in the same buff category, which could no longer stack. This then stayed until the launch of Wotlk. With 3.0.1 this change was returned again.
  • With the recent adaptation for dragon beat, so that you may use the weapon in both hands, the developers had to fix a bug in parallel, which made the effects of two used dragon’s throwing weapons (that was never in original TBC possible). With the bug, the original buff behavior of patch 2.4.2 was restored, so that the effects of dragon strike and hasty drinks have no longer stacked since the new phase.

Long speech, short sense: the bug that is not really any, should not go live. In the next one, two days there should be a hotfix through which the effects of dragon strike and hasty drinks stack again. So: There is no reason for your waste drinks or built weapons

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