Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) was strategically invested in Start-up Iotes (IOTEX), a US block chain.

I Tex is established in 2017, based on the US material startup, and it is promoting the active business to build a block that is available for real life.

The founding member consists of Google, Facebook, Uber, Bosch and other major IT hardware companies, and Major businesses create products using Machine-Fi products and various blocks of blocks, there is,

‘Machine Fy’ is a term that leverages the block chain technology to connect the real world and the virtual world, and to create economic benefits in this process. For example, we are a method of providing smart devices / IoT (Internet-of-of-the-Things) such as wearable, autonomous, and 3D printers used in daily lives.

The English Show #1: Lucy Richards, our language assistant
Future, iTETEX is a fact that the existing finance is defi (defi), culture, art collectibles, as the NFT, and influenza evolve into Social-Fi, It is scheduled to release pie products.

In addition, the WMADID is a policy that will continue the broad collaboration with iotex, and in a wide range of collaboration, and plans to actively seek expansion of the block chain.

Meanwhile, the WMAD is successfully completed in the UK and the United States, after the WMADE has successfully completed the UK and the United States to provide investment information. GDC 2022 (Game Developers Conference) participated in the largest domestic company.

Lecture prepared in high interest in local developers and partners is also receiving a great response.

“The various blocks of Jang Hyun, Jang Hyun, said,” The various blocks of the world will be all linked to interoperability, “he said,” Collaboration with promising companies, and will do our best to maximize synergies in many areas. “

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