Return guide: tips, tricks and everything you need to know

Return guide: tips, tricks and everything you need to know

Returnal is a shooter in the third person exclusive of SP5 Housemarque Finnish developer. This is a run n ‘gunner fast and challenging with rogue elements-lite, and we love it, giving it a 9 / 10 in our opinion.

In this Return Guide, we will review everything in the game. We will explain how to win all the trophies and how to get the platinum . We will also describe the basics of all weapons and items you mention every boss and how to beat them, and offers general tips for beginners. We have guides with lots of advice on how not to die that you lose when you die and how to unlock the daily challenge mode .

Note There may be mild spoilers in the text below and the associated guides.

Return Guide: Update of the Ascension – Coop Tour of Sisyphus

The Ascension update Returnal is a major expansion that adds two new ways to play: online cooperation and the Tower of Sisyphus, an endless mode. Below, we have guides on these new additions.


If you are looking for help to start with the online cooperation Returnal, we have a page about it here:

  • Returnal: how to play cooperatively online

Tower of Sisyphus

The tower of Sisyphus is the endless mode Returnal, offering arcade experience in pursuit of scores when you get into the tower. For more information on this mode, see the following items:

  • Returnal: How to play the endless mode tower Sisyphus

Return Guide: all weapons, alternative shots and weapon features

In Returnal, you will discover a basic handle weapons throughout the experiment. However, these weapons will be delivered with random shots and alternative traits that vary things. Below, we have listed all the weapons, and any alternative shots and weapon features that you might find.

All weapons in return

Returnal 10 base arms, each with a range, a frame rate different firing, etc. Note: . We have listed the initial locations where we found them during our time with the game due to random nature of the structure of the game, you can find different weapons at different locations.

modified handgun SD-M8

Name The description original location
modified handgun SD-M8 It’s a gun, and this is the first weapon you find in Returnal. It is also the weapon with which you begin each race. You can shoot a ball by one or hold the trigger for continuous shot but slow. Found for the first time during the tutorial.

#### Rifle tachyomatique

Name The description original location
Rifle tachyomatique It’s an alien weapon, but its function is equivalent to an assault rifle. It is fully automatic, which means you can hold the trigger for constant flow of laps at a decent pace. Found for the first time in the ruins invaded.

mouth spit Blaster

Name The description original location
Blaster-mouth spits Other alien weapon, that weapon is like a shotgun. It is most effective at close range with its wide distribution. Found for the first time in the ruins invaded.

hollow searcher

Name The description original location
hollow researcher This is another weapon machine gun type, but it has a firing rate much higher than the tachyomatique rifle. Found for the first time in Crimson Wastes.

#### Starter thermogenic

Name The description original location
thermogenic Launcher Essentially a rocket launcher. He shoots three rockets at once. Powerful but slow, and only three times before it needs to cool down. Found for the first time in the abandoned Citadel.

#### Lobster Rotgland

Name The description original location
Lobster Rotgland This is an alien weapon that fires drops of acid. The longer you hold the trigger, firing more travel far. The acid will continue to damage the enemy over time. Found for the first time in ruins overrun after receiving the Icarian grapple.

#### Driver of électropylone

Name Description Initial location

Electropylone conductor | This weapon sends pylons that attach to surfaces or enemies. The energy passes between the pylons, inflicting damage within their reach. Shortly after, the pylons disappear. | Found for the first time in resounding ruins.


Name Description Initial location
Dreadbound A unique weapon that pulls some bursts that come back, like a boomerang. There is no overload opportunity with this weapon, but the more you are close to your target, the sooner you can pull the shells. Found for the first time in fractured desolations.

Pyrotechnic carapace launcher

Name Description Initial location
Pyrotechnic shell launcher This powerful pistol pulls projectiles that stick to enemies and explode after a second. Found for the first time in Abyssal Scar.

COILSPINE shredder

Name Description Initial location
COILSPINE shredder Another extraterrestrial weapon is a pistol that pulls discs bouncing on enemies and surfaces. It is a charging weapon – the more you hold the trigger, the more powerful the shots. Found for the first time in resonant ruins after receiving the Delphic Visor.

Attropian blade

Name Description Initial location
Attropian blade This is one of the permanent objects of the game that stays with you for each race once you have found it. Mapped on Square, this sword weapon offers you a powerful mingle strike. Found for the first time in invaded ruins.

All alternative shots of arms in Returnal

All the above weapons (with the exception of the atropic blade) will have an alternating shot. These are powerful special attacks that take care over time and may appear in combination with any weapon of the game. You will find below a list of the 10 alternative shots. It should be mentioned that you can upgrade them to make them even more powerful.

  • Explosive shell: Explosive exploding to impact.
    Destiny: ** A big ball of energy that damages everything in its passage and explodes to impact. Load to trigger a more powerful shot.
  • Horizontal dam: A volley of projectiles drawn in a horizontal pattern.
  • KILLSIGHT: A unique shot that zooms to inflict additional damage at weak points.
  • Proximity Mine: An explosive that explodes when enemies approach it.
  • Shock flow: A continuous flow of electricity.
  • Vrillepod: A removable clove that bursts in damaged tear.
  • TRACKERSWARM: A volley of insectoids that go to the targeted enemy.
  • Vertical barrage: A fly of projectiles drawn in a vertical pattern.
  • Vacuum radius: A long continuous radius that inflicts increasing damage if it is maintained on a single target.

Features of weapons

Each weapon (except atropic blade) can have a number of traits. These traits give the weapons of additional effects that make them more powerful in combat. As your mastery of arms (see below) increases, plus future weapons you will find may have features. When you discover a new feature on a weapon, it will be locked until you kill enough enemies. After that, the line will become active and can be randomly found on all the following weapons. You can also find higher levels of features as your skill increases. The features pile up, which gives all kinds of interesting combinations. There are 90 traits to discover. Here are the ones we have found so far:

Weapon Features
SD-M8 modified fist weapon
  • Researcher missile
  • Rolling nose cannon
  • Fire burst
  • Shrapnel
  • Charge shot
  • Serrated projectiles
  • Tap Reload

Tachyomatic rifle |

  • Armor perforation
  • Critical Strike
  • Hardened
  • High caliber
  • Rising tone
  • Payload tours
  • Hyper-precise
  • Accelerated

Blaster Spittle |

  • Broad mouth
  • Narrow mouth
  • Slug shot
  • Explosive spitting
  • Fast spitting
  • Backsplash
  • Critical offset
  • Piercing spindle
  • Acid clouds

Researcher of hollow |

  • Phase towers
  • Waves
  • Reciese
  • Serrated projectiles
  • Shrapnel

Returnal Tips | Best Guns | Weapon Traits | Getting Keys | Finding Ether
* Divided flow
* Portal
* Oscillator
* Portal turret

Thermogenic launcher |

  • Easy to use
  • Obolite magnet
  • Critical rockets
  • Enlarged room
  • Replication of hits
  • Mega rocket
  • Completely automatic
  • Thermite rockets
  • Tail light

Rotgland lobster |

  • Durable rot
  • Trailing rot
  • Bouncing rot
  • Enlarged room
  • Explosive rot
  • Protective rot
  • Castic rot
  • Red portal
  • Win rot

Electropylone conductor |

  • Obolite extractor
  • Silphium extractor
  • Pylon canvas
  • Finisher
  • Simplified room
  • Enlarged room
  • Blade Harmonize
  • Protective pylons
  • Blade pulse

Dreadbound |

  • Fourth Fragment
  • Obolite magnet
  • Staggering
  • Flight protection
  • Expanding splinters
  • Return damage
  • Explosive splinters
  • Theft of damage

Pyrotechnic shell launcher |

  • Simplified room
  • Secondary explosion
  • Bouncing projectiles
  • Sticky bonus
  • Search enlightening rockets
  • Anti-gravity projectiles
  • Auxiliary projectiles

COILSPINE shredder |

  • Alt-Fire cooling
  • Shattering discs
  • Adrenaline discs
  • Enlarged room
  • Twin Discs
  • Reciese
  • Split discs
  • Improved fees
  • Negation discs

Return Guide: Resources, Objects, Parasites, Artifacts, etc.

There is a wide variety of objects and resources in Returnal that can increase each race with a wide range of beneficial and harmful effects. Below we will talk about some of the elements and systems of the game you should know.

Silphium and Resin

Silphium is your basic health reconstitution element. It restores your health bar a bit – or the integrity of your costume. If your health is full, Silphium becomes Silphium Resin. Resin objects help to increase the size of your health bar. In other words, always retrieve health objects when you can, because they will restore HP or help increase your maximum health.

get sick

Obolites are one of the returnal currencies. You will bring together hundreds in a race, either defeated enemies or yellow crystals in the environment. The Obolites do not persist between the races, then use them while you can. They can be exchanged with manufacturers against useful objects.


Ether is another currency. The difference between him and Obolites is that Ether remains with you between the races. It is rareer than the Obolites, but can be used for various things, such as activating certain technologies, cleanse malignant objects (see below) or unlock new objects to Cthonos (see below).


As you can imagine, the keys unlock things. At each race, you will encounter doors or locks that require an atropic key to open. There are also special keys needed to access new biomes.


Calibrators are a type of artifact (see below) but are quite frequently. These objects increase your mastery of weapons (see below), which in turn increases the strength of all the weapons you find.


Artifacts are special objects that give you all kinds of beneficial effects and statistics. Once…

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