Far Cry – all the games of the shooter

Far Cry – all the games of the shooter

Far Cry 1 to New Dawn: In our ultimate ranking we look at all previous Far Cry games back and answer a question once and for all:

Which Far Cry is the best?

We have ranked yet all seven games in the series, the worst offshoot to the best. Hope County ratings we leave it aside. The list is based on our personal opinion. Let us know your ranking in the comments!

Seat 8: Far Cry 2

  • Release date: 24. october 2008
  • Setting: East Africa

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What is it? Far Cry 2 verschlägt you in a fictional African country in which, after the collapse of the government, a bitter civil war between two rival militias rages that from now terrorizing the population by force of arms. Your primary target: The Jackal, an illegal US arms dealer to find and eliminate.

The special feature: When you think of part 2 of the shooter series thinking about grandiose explosions, intense combat and burning savannahs. Unfortunately, a well as the thoughts come to feel hour-long routes and opponents, the more rapidly from the realm of the dead rise as zombies, which you shoot in the wrong part of the body.

While Far Cry 2 had to offer an interesting game world in addition to the aforementioned strengths, but the annoying decisions in game design could frustrate quickly and send Part 2 of the series to the last place in our ranking.

No. 7: Far Cry New Dawn

  • Release date: 15. February 2019
  • Setting: Hope County, post-apocalyptic fiction

The Evolution of Far Cry Games

That’s the point: Far Cry New Dawn continues the events of Far Cry 5th Attention small spoiler : The history of the predecessor ends surprisingly with a nuclear war. 17 years after the fall of the bombs we find ourselves once again in Hop County. However, this time, that shines in a post-apocalyptic world in rich, pink colors.

Who looks behind the colorful facade, but see very quickly that this is merely at New Dawn is a Reskin the fifth part. With New Dawn Ubisoft has rammed a spin-off from the ground, which although has some new features in the luggage with the crafting system and the expeditions, but just basically plays like its predecessor. Therefore, the game ends up in the rankings before part of the fifth

Fun New Dawn promises but of course anyway. The usual crazy action provides the spin-off anyway. Including Chaos AI that ensures numerous insane situations. For the post-apocalyptic fiction has made boars apparently so strong that they can knock over all the vices.

More about New Dawn in the test:

__16 __1

Far Cry New Dawn in the test

The same in Pink


No. 6: Far Cry 5

  • Release date: 27. March 2018
  • Setting: Hope County (Montana)

That’s the point: The fifth and latest part of the Far Cry series enables us to Hope County, a fictional land, which is modeled on the US state of Montana. Here we have to take on a religious sect, led by the seemingly insane Fanatisten Joseph Seed this time.

Purely playful travels Far Cry 5 as the latest series part but only on the old paths of his predecessors. In addition to the cool co-op we would have liked simply fresh mechanics that Cry formula loosen somewhat the old Far. If you get involved on typical Far Cry gameplay still here gets a fun shooter, which is particularly successful in the setting in which we use the vast arsenal can let out the sow so beautiful.

Nevertheless, not that always moved by far the best Far Cry offshoot, which is not least the boring main villain and the very questionable humor of the game, on the border with sexism and homophobia.

More to play in the test:

__45 __2

Far Cry 5 in the test

Fun Action & a villain to fall asleep


No. 5: Far Cry 6

  • Release date: 7. October 2021
  • Setting: Yara (Caribbean island)

That’s the point: Antón Castillo, played by actor Giancarlo Esposito, governs the style similar to Cuba island nation Yara with brutal means. Mercilessly shall proceed his son Diego also in education. You stand against guerrilla groups such as Libertad, fighting for Dani Rojas. He or she is an orphan and ex-military to put an end with the aim of Castillo’s reign – cost what it may.

Since the guerrilla troops do not have the same means as Castillos FND soldiers, they have to do with what they find. Weapons and equipment is therefore necessary to associate with simple means.

Side are also a variety of animal companions. From the sweet dachshund to the crazy punk cock, something is something for every style of play. And who rather builds on real support, thanks to Koop mode can collapse into the fight.

Far Cry 6 thus offers a lot of bombastic action in a supposed holiday paradise, but suffering from hip characters and a lack of fingertip feeling. The role of the villain was not exhausted. Thus, the shooter ultimately gives away a lot of potential.

Read more about this in the test:

__81 __7

Far Cry 6 in the test

An actionfest that does not know what it wants


Place 4: Far Cry 4

  • Release date: 18. November 2014
  • Setting: Kyrat (Himalaya)

That’s why it’s: Welcome to Kyrat! Far Cry 4 abducts us in the beautiful and chaotic state in the middle of the Himalayas, in which a devastating civil war rages. We are Ajay Ghale, an American who really wanted to scatter only the ashes of his mother and but now Kyrats himself appointed King Pagan Min.

The special: The eccentric villain as well as the beautiful, adventure promising Asia setting turns out to be the highlights of the shooter.

However, Ubisoft does not reinstate Ubisoft here and offers more or less the same Open World Shooter experience as in the predecessors. The Himalayan Trip is still captivating, not least because it is a damned intoxicating feeling to fall into the depth with the wingsuit from a tower in the depths and swallows through the air.

More in the test:

__43 __0

Far Cry 4 in the test



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