Great confusion around the release

Great confusion around the release

Already in the summer of the past year, the developer team had announced 11 bits studios the dark staged setup game frostpunk 2 for the PC. At that time, however, there was no concrete information on the publication. Recently, however, had surfaced a release date on the Internet, which has caused a lot of confusion. This in turn has now called the competent developer team on the plan.

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When will Frostpunk 2 appear?

Trigger for the whole excitement was an update at the product side of Frostpunk 2 in the Steam database. This should not be visible to the public, but websites like have been documenting such changes for some time. On March 15, 2022, the release date of Frostpunk 2 was set in the database to the 2nd January 2024 **. That would be a Tuesday and right after the New Year.

Meanwhile, the developer team of 11 bits studios has been expressed about this topic and ensured for a little more clarity. Accordingly, the appointment set in the database is probably only a placeholder , which the fans should not pay too much attention.

_ “As we experienced today, information about the release date of Frostpunk 2_ in became the public’s public. We can assure you that every little information that does not come directly from the administrative office is wrong. Thank you for your attention. Liar should be punished. “

Is there an official release date for frostpunk 2?

The formulation clearly shows that the developers were immersed in the frostpunk universe in order to pack the whole atmospheric. In any case, it is certain that you can reside the 2nd January 2024 as a release date for the construction game. 11 bit studios has not yet made any other information until the publication is at least for a few months . You can expel the waiting time with the first frostpunk.

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