Elden Ring: Where to turn Morgotts big rune

Elden Ring: Where to turn Morgotts big rune

In order to activate Morgott’s great Rune ELDENRING would require that the player beats the boss itself. Although that is perhaps, there is a tiny detail that separates the Morgott-related divine tower from the others, namely the fact that the tower is behind an area that is sealed by morgott from the player, which means that the players mean Being first to defeat morgott before approaching the courses that lead to the divine tower and the front of the mercy. This guide is entered into the details around Morgott’s Great Rune and how to get to the Divine Tower, where its great Rune can be activated.

Where can you activate Morgott’s big rune in Elden Ring?

Morgott’s big rune can be activated while activated Divine tower of East Altus in ELDENRING in the capital city of outskirts after you have beaten Morgott. The seal, which prevents access to the rich beyond Leyndell on the mountain peak of the giants, should be lifted after Morgott’s death, which also opens the connection areas in between where the divine tower is located.

The access routes to the divine tower are largely identical to the paths that take to get into the forbidden countries. Starting from the East Capital Ramparts place of grace, donating to the surface and go to the east in front of the open castle gate. Drive with the elevator in the capital city edge where an elevator chamber is waiting at the end.

From there, the way begins to branch where the players rather than driving down into the forbidden countries, rather than driving down to the forbidden countries, which extends to the terrain of the Divine Tower of East Altus. They could suddenly be pressed by the darkness when they go over the bridge themselves. Do not worry, as this is intended by the game. After dealing with the appropriate event, players should feel free to continue to go to the terrace of the Divine Tower, where they get access to a mercy site.

The following procedures should be quite self-evident for the course, whereby the players are able to activate the large Rune of Morgott on the top of the Divine Tower. Morgott’s Great Rune gives the player a significant increase in its vitality and thus extends its health gauge considerably. This is a very useful blessing for the second half of the game, as they will find that enemies in the regions of Leyndell and Liurnia strike much harder than before. With the power of Morgott’s Great Rune in his hand, the players will hopefully feel safer if they enter the country in which the giants were once lived.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Elden Ring - How to Activate Morgott's Great Rune Guide
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