Controverses Feature: fire-ring

Controverses Feature: fire-ring

As soon as a new project of the developer from software appears, the fans reflect the level of difficulty. Shortly after the release of Elden Ring there are now mods that bring controversial features into play.

Skyrim & Fallout Modders Are Quitting From Nexus Mods To Protest Controversial Changes

Elden Ring: Fans make it much easier

Even with the release of Elden Ring, many players have wanted again that the developer from Software requested an easy mode . They want to experience the huge world and the mysterious story without having to bite dozens of paints into the virtual grass. While your desire of the official side stays indispensable, there are already mods that do exactly that. But beware: If your mod uses, you can only play in offline mode and play with the anti-cheat system disabled, otherwise you risk being banned.

For example, on the page Nexusmods, the MOD “Recover Runes Immediately” is found. As the name already reveals, you do not lose your runes after death with this mod . This insists at no time in the game the possibility that it loses the progress after a hard fight directly again. (Source: Recover Runes Immediately / Nexusmods)

Elden Ring: Despite Easy Fashion No Bands

The MOD “Errk” goes into a whole direction. It allows you to recover life, endurance and skill points with every kill . This makes it much easier for long clashes in the many dungeons in Elden Ring. (Source: Errk / Nexusmods)

The closest to a real Easy fashion, however, comes a mod that lets you start the game with 99 million runes . As a result, you will be right at the beginning so strong that even the bosses are likely to oppose you nothing more. (Source: 99 million Runes / Nexusmods)

All three mods, however, have the commonality that the opponents are no less dangerous by them . To really move forward, so you still have to prove your skills. The developer from Software also means that you have given up as many tools that more players will see the credits in Elden Ring as usual.

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