How to use currency exchange system in Lost Ark?

How to use currency exchange system in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark currency exchange is a rapidly developing trading platform, working with three main game currencies: gold, crystals and royal crystals. The development of how it works will help you maximize the exchange rate so that you can get more target currency with less costs.

Access to currency exchange can be obtained by going on Store in the lower right corner of the screen located on the left of the list menu to access the Lost Ark store. Once inside, click on Currency exchange To the left of the output button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Currency exchange allows you to trade two currency pairs . In the “Buying Gold” section you can buy gold for the royal crystals. On the Buy Crystals tab, you can purchase crystals for gold. Currently it is not possible to buy royal crystals for gold, but you can purchase crystals for the royal crystals directly at the Lost Ark store.

Currency exchange consists of three key partitions.

Royal Crystal or Crystal Sale Sales

They relate to currencies that are active SOLD . You will find a quantity in stock in the section “Deals selling gold or crystals”, and selling the price for one number of royal crystals (only 238) or 100 crystals – right.

Note: The game uses the term “one royal crystal”, but it refers to one number of royal crystals, and not to one part. One quantity is 238 royal crystals.

Lost Ark Currency Guide - How to use and obtain Currencies in Lost Ark

Proposals for buying crystals

They relate to crystals that are active bought other players. The sale price indicates their proposal (for 100 crystals), and in the section “Proposals for the purchase of crystals” indicate how much they want to buy.

You will notice that the “Purchase of Gold” tab does not have a section of the “buying of royal crystals”. This is due to the fact that players cannot buy royal crystals through currency exchange. They can only be obtained for real money.

Royal crystals that are sold on the platform, transformed into crystals in a ratio of 238: 100 – then they are distributed in the section “Buy crystals” by providing lists. To a certain extent, both sections of the currency exchange are dictated by the price pair of royal crystals and gold.

Buy Gold or Crystals

In the lower right corner of the page you can Add ad For the purchase of gold or crystals. You have the right to dictate the sale price.

In the “Buying Gold” section, the sale price refers to the amount of gold that you get trading the desired number of royal crystals. Reducing the sale price will speed up your transaction, but your profits will decrease.

In the “Buy Crystals” section, the sale price refers to the amount you need to spend to obtain the desired amount of crystals. Reducing the sale price will make your transaction slower, but your profits will increase.

Keep in mind that the amount refers to the royal crystals in 238 and crystals with a step 100 (with five percent tax, so you get only 95 per ratio of crystals).

To learn more about Lost Ark, check out the playground manuals for professionals.

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