Raffle: Get the 10th Anniversary of Mass Effect 3 Cool Prices

Raffle: Get the 10th Anniversary of Mass Effect 3 Cool Prices

is it actually already ten years since Mass Effect 3 finished the story of Commander Shepard? Yes, it is! Reason enough to celebrate the completion of a groundbreaking SciFi trilogy! And that’s best with a raffle.

Commander Shepard remains unforgotten

The first three games of the Mass Effect series broke so deep into the collective consciousness of the fans, that alone the mention of the names of Commander Shepard, Dr. Liara T’soni or Garrus Vakarian ensures nostalgic memories of a massive adventure. You defended our galaxy against the Reaper’s machine colors and experienced an unforgettable and often emotional journey on the way to the final.

The quite controversial third part of the series appeared on March 9, 2012. Despite an action-charged campaign, in which it can lead to the loss of beloved team members due to your decisions, the original ended for much negative criticism. Publisher EA and developer Bioware but have improved and the story led to a much more satisfactory end using a free DLC .

This is of course also included in the Legendary Edition , which not only includes the three main games in improved quality, but also deliver all DLCs. Only on the multiplayer in the third part you have to do without. But that is anyway completely dispensable.

To celebrate this anniversary, we want to make two people from our community happy. With this Electronic Arts (many thanks at this point!) Two extremely cool priceless packages provided we are giving away here.

First profit:

  • 1 x Mass Effect Legendary Edition (platform of your choice)
  • 1 x Mass Effect 3-ArtBook
  • 1 x Mass Effect 3 shoulder bag

Main prize:

  • 1 x Mass Effect Legendary Edition (platform of your choice)
  • 1 x Mass Effect UT-47 Kodiak Alliance Shuttle as a model (see picture above)

Mass Effect 3...10 Years Later
We are completely clear that you want the urgent as a quary of a piece of rare technology for his pilgrimage. So, let’s go!

I want to win! What should I do?

Simple: Distries the Reaper from our galaxy, brings peace to the various peoples and is as old as an Asari matriarcher Oooooooooooooer answers instead the following question: What has Commander Shepard never said in the games? Attention: There are several right ones Answers that you have to call all ! (The mention of the letter A, B, C or D rises.)

a) “Coffee. Black.” “

b) “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite shop in the citadel.”

c) “Even after all, what you did, I would have saved you.”

d) “I still have to calibrate that.”

Send us your answer by e-mail to the address **a[email protected]. Please pay attention to the following rules:

  • Writes to the subject line the password “Mass Effect”.
  • Do not forget to specify your answer in the mail!
  • Attention! There are several correct answers. You have to give them all!
  • Please tell us about which platform you want to win the Legendary Edition!
  • Please give your postal address, otherwise we can not deliver the prices.

Your data is used exclusively for the processing of shipping, then you will be deleted. Please pay attention to the completeness of your answer. Unfortunately, incomplete submissions divorce, even if they are drawn. Closing date is Sunday, 20 March 2022 at 23:59 .

The winners will be drawn under all correct submissions and notified by mail about the profit.

With the participation in the raffle, you agree and confirms that you have read and accepted the conditions of participation and the privacy conditions. All personal participant data will be deleted from our active systems no later than 30 days after the expiration of the raffle. Your address data is used exclusively for shipping the profits, as mentioned above, and not used for other purposes. We look forward to your answers and wish you a lot of fun participating!

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