Enrico Maaßen: “We do not have the best phase”

Enrico Maaßen: “We do not have the best phase”

It had actually started promising: Franz Pan had taken the BVB II in the guest match at Kellerkind Würzburg. The 1: 0 did not even exist until the break, in the end it was from the point of view of Borussen 1: 3. “Because we have made very simple mistakes before the goals,” explained BVB-II coach Enrico Maaßen’s funeral defeat in series.

In fact, his crew acted at the emergence of 1: 1 to passive, the 1: 2 introduced Immanuel Pherai with a bitter fault. And also the corner at the 1: 3 “we have to defend better,” said Maaßen. Added to that his team from the dominance after the early 1-0 made too little: “We could have done 2: 0 if not.”

We have 41 points, which is still a great value as a newcomer.

Enrico Maaßen

Individual mistakes, unfortunate defensive behavior and weak opportunities recycling – “Sum a bit too often happened,” the coach annoyed over the youngest trailer. “We currently do not have the best phase. We have to get out of it.”

Now comes Brunswick

However, the 38-year-old did not want to be eight that his team is repeatedly plagued by personal sors and became, the coach himself was forced to several changes. On Sunday, the BVB did not even offer a second goalkeeper in the squad, in the case of cases striker Ted Tattestermusch was provided as a replacement of Luca genuine.

“We have a very narrow squad. Especially in the defensive we need one or the other stabilizer,” says Maaßen, who now wants to build his team, by appealing to mistakes, but also on the already achieved: “We have 41 Points, this is still a great value as a newcomer. ” Now it gets the Borussia with ascension aspirant Eintracht Braunschweig to do. A hard nut, but: “Maybe that’s just such an opponent we need now.”

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