Best LMGs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, classified

Best LMGs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, classified

A battlefield is a dangerous place. Balls fly everywhere, armored vehicles are trying to ruin your day and a crowd of soldiers try to separate from your life. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is no exception to this rule. You will find that you are shooting at all times, and the only way to survive is to have the best weapons in your equipment.

Unfortunately, they did not manufacture light mushion gun for the high octaneous octaneous index of the Multiplayer duty. It’s quite heavy, which means that your mobility will be somewhat limited. However, they have their utility. If you end up in a battle of squad, so they are perfect for turning off the fire. You can give your team a better chance to advance with your huge amount of ammunition or tear the holes through the bodies of any enemy sorry to walk on your way.

This guide examines the very besieged LMS and decides which one is the best for you.

6. Pkm

The PKM kicks like a mule that has just had a red poker in his intimate parts. This effect means that its decline makes it very difficult to use unless you are ready to devote time to understand it. He does not fix a wall of bullets, more like a cloud, because it has a slow firing rate, but it deals a massive amount of damage on everything you manage to hit. So there is that. As for statistics, all LMGs are close, but the PKM will produce the most damage, if you can touch the target.

5. M91

The M91 contains a lot of ammunition in its clip, so you will spend much less time to recharge that you would do it with others in this guide. It also pulls an incredible amount of bullets in a short period of time, and these will cause a lot of suffering to anyone stupid enough to get on your way. The disadvantage, however, is the fact that it takes an eternity to lock on anyone, and it will cut before back from one side to another so severely that you will probably hit some walls in front of the person you ” aimed. This weapon should be more used to secure an area rather than running and shooting because its mobility (even for a LMG) is rather weak.

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4. Mg34

The MG34 has all the right places nailed with a brilliant shooting rate, massive damage, as well as virtually no decline. It will also make a way through almost everything your enemies could choose to hide behind, which means there is no escape from this weapon of death. This weapon of the Second World War is a favorite in the call of duty_ so it is not surprising that it returned in modern. What holds it, however, it’s only a 50 round drum and an atrocious wait to recharge.

3. SA87

When is it not a LMG? When it’s the SA87, of course. This weapon has more common with an assault rifle than with a LMG, which means it is light and agile. It also transports a ton of bullets in a clip and causes a ton of serious deaths for anyone in his patch. It has a lot less ammunition, carrying only 30 cartridges in a clip, but easily has the best mobility of the lot.

2. Bruen MK9

The Bruen MK9 excels in the battle in the medium and long term. Its precision is the best of its category and can be transformed essentially into a hybrid-LMG assault rifle if you use the appropriate accessories. Its recoil control can also be easily managed, making it one of the most accurate weapons of this list, although it affects its production of damage.

1. HOLGER-26

If you unlock the Holger-26, you find a LMG that corresponds to the SA87 in terms of mobility, but with better control, a faster firing rate and a ton of firing further before needing to be recharged. This weapon is probably the most versatile LMG, which is worth our number one place, especially if you play Warzone and have to travel long distances.

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