Netflix on the weekend: a science fiction

Netflix on the weekend: a science fiction

What new films and series are there on the weekend on Netflix? A science fiction blockbuster stands out, but we also want to introduce you to two series highlights!

The Adam Project

Streams The Adam Project now on Netflix.

Time travel, science fiction, humor and a heartwarming story: The Adam Project combines almost all factors for an entertaining evening program, and even a few well-known faces are included. In the film, the time traveling Adam (Ryan Reynolds) focuses on in the past to save the world together with his younger I and his deceased father (Mark Ruffalo). It is also the actress Zoe Saldana, which embodies in Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora.

The Last Kingdom with the 5th Season

Streams the 5th season of The Last Kingdom now on Netflix.

You are looking for a series in the style of Vikings and Game of Thrones? Then look at The Last Kingdom over, a historic action drama show, which has the founding of England on the topic: Alfred The Great defends his kingdom of invaders from the north, while the Viking Uhtred wants to demand his birthright. The 5th season of The Last Kingdom has now appeared – so you have enough material for a while to ble!

Formula 1: Drive to Survive with the 4th season

The Adam Project | Official Trailer | Netflix

Streams the 4th Season of Formula 1: Drive to Survive now on Netflix.

With the 4th season the documentary series Formula 1: Drive to Survive goes into a new round. But this is not just for Formula 1 fans who have certainly heard from the series: In Drive to Survive you can throw a rare look behind the scenes of the extreme athlete, which is anything but dry or lengthy. Especially documentary fans should give the series a chance.

Disney + in March 2022: New Marvel Series Moon Knight

Streamed Moon Knight from March 30 to Disney +.

A small view: Disney + also waits in March with such some cute appets, not least with the long-awaited Marvel series Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac in the lead role. Moon Knight is to appear on March 30, 2022 on Disney +.

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If you have not looked in yet: We have recommended these two new Netflix series on the last weekends – Vikings: Valhalla , a spin-off to the Viking series Vikings and Inventing Anna , the history of the most notorious Scamming in the 2000s.

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