Microsoft asks users to use energy saving mode in their X series

Microsoft asks users to use energy saving mode in their X series

xbox series x is a highly powerful console, which also means that it consumes a lot of energy. In case you were not aware, this device has a ‘energy saving’ mode that as its name indicates it, it seeks to reduce your consumption while at the same time it also maintains all your games and firmware updated.

Yesterday morning, Microsoft shared a new publication at Xbox Wire with which they seek to generate awareness among X players by asking them to please use the ‘Savings Savings of energy ‘at all times. In fact, the new X series already bring this mode by default instead of ‘ instant on ‘. Basically, this mode completely turns off your X series, but thanks to a recent update, it also allows you to download updates as long as you are not using it.

To activate it, go to Settings, Sleep Mode & Startup, Sleep Mode and there you select the option of Energy Saver.

By reducing your energy consumption, it also means that you will be saving a few weighs when the time comes to pay the bill of light. In addition, Microsoft mentions that using this power mode can also have long-term benefits for the health of your console.

To know some of the other changes that came with the latest update of Xbox series X | S, We suggest you visit the following link.

How to change your Xbox One from Energy-saving to Instant-on

Editor’s note: In recent years, Microsoft has really been triggered by becoming a sustainable company that can contribute to the preservation of the environment. These changes to ‘energy saving’ mode are certainly welcome, and who wants to take care of your console, maybe you should consider changing to this mode.

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