How to make and give cookies the main mens heroes in the event “Tears of Femids: Culinary Tests: Cookies”

How to make and give cookies the main mens heroes in the event “Tears of Femids: Culinary Tests: Cookies”

Culinary tests “Tears of Femids: Cookies” are held with from March 11, 2022 to March 21, 2022. , and open to all lawyers. This event coincides with a white day, so you can demonstrate your culinary abilities, bake the best cookies for your favorite main men’s heroes.

Special Cookie Recipes

Although there are 23 recipe for cookies that can be detected, only four quite special to give them to the hatch, Artem, Marius and will be out. For their preparation, connect the following ingredients:

  • Cookies Watson (for Luke)

    • Cookie dough x1
    • Peanut butter x1
    • Peanut X1.
  • Senior Prosecutor Cookies (for Artem)

Master Cookie Recipe ????1 Recipe, 5 COOKIES ????
* Cookie dough x1
* Edible golden leaf x1
* Black chocolate x1

  • Piano cookies (for wines)

    • Cookie dough x1
    • White chocolate x1
    • Black chocolate x1
  • Multicolored Pencil Cookies (for Marius)

    • Cookie dough x1
    • Chocolate powder x1
    • Beet Powder x1
    • Match Powder x1

how to give cookies lidam men

In the upper right corner of the screen you will find a small icon indicating the main male role for which you create cookies. Click on it to select the target love passion. If you already have a cookie dedicated to them, you will be asked to send it as a gift.

Otherwise, go to the cookie laboratory and collect the gap based on recipes above. After you make the right cookie, the game will prompt you to send it as a gift.

If you have not received this invitation, you may have chosen wrong target love interest , as each cookie file can be transferred only to the person to which it corresponds. Just come back to the main screen of the event and switch to the desired man to solve the problem.

After a while you will receive a letter from it ** Under the Consumables menu on the event screen. Click on it to read the letter from Luke, Artem, Marius, or Wall. All four letters will be saved during the action period!

Familiarize yourself with our Culinary Test Guidelines “Tears of Femids: Cookies” to learn how to get ingredients for baking cookies.

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