The Spin-Off of The Penguin for HBO Max is confirmed

The Spin-Off of The Penguin for HBO Max is confirmed

Since last year, it was mentioned that The Batman would have multiple spin-off series, including one starring penguin . At the time, this information was rather a rumor, and not something so official, but today it was already confirmed that HBO Max gave green light to the project that is currently known simply as * The Penguin. *

According to information about The Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max officially authorized the production of this new series, where we will know what will happen with this villain after the events of the film. Obviously, Colin Farrell will resume the role of it as the penguin , and in recent declarations, the actor mentioned the following:

“The world that Matt Reeves built for The Batman is one that guarantees a much deeper look through Oswald Cobblepot’s eyes. He could not be more excited to continue Oz’s exploration as he rises through this dark world to become the penguin. It will be good to return to the streets of Gothic for a little more madness and a little more chaos. “

The Batman Penguin Spin-Off Series Coming to HBO Max
Beyond knowing that this project does exist, we have no other additional details as their release date, number of episodes or some other that may be of our interest. What we do know is that this will not be the only SPIN-OFF series of The Batman, since another focused on Arkham’s asylum is also already under development.

Editor’s note: Although I loved this version of the penguin, the one who is going to have the series itself still does not end me about convincing. The character played an important role in the film, and I think it could be interesting to know how he ends up converting in this villain much more defined, but he is still skeptical with the project.

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