Elden Ring: Where to go after Morgott the Omen

Elden Ring: Where to go after Morgott the Omen

If there is something that can be found in the player apart from the hard bossen, the Elden Ring can offer, then it is the fact that the game tells the players vague where they should go after they have defeated the bosses of the main story. Sure, there are some sites of the grace, which they point to the general direction, where they should go next, but sometimes people need a little more guidance. After, for example, the Royal Capital Leyndell combed and the Morgoon defeated the Omen King, people want to know where to go next. Here you have to go after they have defeated Morgott in Elden Ring.

Wherever you go after you have defeated Morgott in Elden Ring

After defeating morgott, you must go to the snowy area, the mountain tips of the giants. This is northeast of Leyndell and is quite a hike. Before you set yourself on the way, you need to collect medallions that work in a similar way when you came through the Grand Lift by Dectus. Collect these medallion pieces and make your way over the eastern bridge of the capital to take the Grand Lift of Rold.

Below is a funny elongated path you need to take when you want to get to the next story boss, the fire giant. Of course, you should probably explore the area, take a few side bosses and quests and get up before you go to the next main boss. This place has enemies that are significantly stronger than the last area. It is different from Limgrave to Liurnia. The enemies cause much more damage and the area is often wrapped in a cold fog.

There are also more places where you can fall into death here because the area is so mountainous. In this area there is also a dragon, borealis the freezing frog, which patrols the field of freezing lake. For people who want more dragon hearts for strong incantations, this place may be worth a visit.

Where to Go After Defeating Margit - Elden Ring Early Locations

_The sights and sites of the grace that you should visit on the go are in the following order: _

  • Forbidden countries
  • Large elevator of Rold
  • Ruins of Zamor
  • Ancient ruins of the Snow Valley
  • Icy lake
  • First Church of Marika
  • Whiteridge-Straße
  • Grave post of giants
  • Foot of the Forge (Grace’s next BOSS)

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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