Focus on the database that records Pokemon “Who designed”. Pokemon increase and era wave

Focus on the database that records Pokemon “Who designed”. Pokemon increase and era wave

There are a number of Pokemon in the “Pocket Monster” series. There are more than 800 or more, and new Pokemon appears even in the new work “Pokemon Scarlet Violet”, and 1000 large units are also in vision. Under such circumstances, the person who intends to organize each Pokemon appears, which attracts attention.

The trigger is a thread of RESETERA. Users who made the same thread commented that the design of “Pocket Monster Red, Green” and Ken Sugimi who worked on them tends to be praised. It is not only Sugimi-mimori who worked on Pokemon with the same work, and quotes a page with database site Bulbagarden. From here, it seems that the topic of “Who is the design of any design” is exciting.

Complete Asone Region Pokedex! (Truegreen7 Pokemon)

However, the designer list of this page has not yet attracted information. It is also said that the user’s Altruis personally browses an interview, and is creating a list personally. He seems to be in mind that he is based on an official information source as possible. It is also warned so that this source is not recognized as a formal announcement. If you look at these circumstances, you can check interesting information while still limiting.

For example, “Pocket Monster Red, Green” is known for designing Pikachu, who is known from Hitakage to Lizardon, in charge of Pokemon from Fushigio to Raf Recae. Pokemon, such as Miu and Kairyu, is described as designed by Morimoto Masamoto. Mr. Masahiro Fujiwara is in charge of Eevee. These pieces of information will be roughly in light of the story that is out of the world. Mr. Sugimori also works on many Pokemon, but it can be seen that other artists have designed various Pokemon.

Every time I follow the work, the artist involved in Pokemon design also increased more and more. Mr. Hirobo Yoshida, who has been engaged in Sergo and Celevis, etc., Mr. Takao Ueno, which designed Hikzar and Gabrias, etc., and many people who participate are becoming more. Mr. Manina Well, designed Maggyo and Ononox, and it is new to remember that it shows the broadness of the work.

The “Pocket Monster” series is also huge that various artists participate in the design, and it is also possible that the tastes are consistent and finished on the character to be loved. That’s probably proven.

The topic of “Pocket Monster” design is often about in recent years. One of the triggers will be given that James Turner has joined the design. He is an artist from England. He joined the game freak through Ginnamis Sony. He is considered the first Westerner who worked on Pokemon’s design, and he participates in Pokemon’s design from “Pokemon Black White”. He attracted attention with the unusual roots from Britain, by working with Popwheman Pokemon, such as Bavanila, Goloug, Aurot, Massive1. “This Pokemon’s design is the thing of Turner’s thing”, and as a result, the Pokemon design person in charge itself may have achieved a flow that attracts attention.

Also, in recent years, due to the penetration of SNS, it is becoming a time when the Pokemon in charge of the drawing can be released themselves. For example, about “Pocket Monster Sword Shield”, Mr. Yusuke Omura reported that Zasian Zamazenta’s design was in charge of design. Kozaki Yusuke has been published in his own Twitter account when I handed the design of Eleson Stringer Tatetet. In addition, “Pokémonlegends He was Alceus”, but he was expressed as a jade of a strangular neura and anouura.

Recent “Pocket Monsters” works are easy to follow the artist in charge, but the survey is likely to be difficult for past work. However, Game freaks and Pokemon Co., Ltd. also has a stance to publish instead of hiding the person in charge. Each Pokemon is a work managed by Pokemon Co., Ltd., but the fact that the artist is created is unmistakable fact. It is fortunate that the decision to respect them is taken. I would like to expect the list to gradually fill in information without being completed cleanly. What artists will participate in “Pocket Monster Scarlet Violet”?

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