Kramer: “Not clear, not constructive enough”

Kramer: “Not clear, not constructive enough”

Michael Richards (Kramer) Doesn't Like When his Co-Stars Mess Up
With these two changes Frank Kramer screwed the average age of his team against the FC Augsburg once right up. Because Alessandro scoop out in midfield, Bielefeld side began side by Gonzalo Castro (34) on its position in the offensive center. Before that, Arminia’s coach posted a second player in the “built in 1987” actor with Cult striker Fabian Klos, where the last-level storm tip Janni Serra had to fit injured.

Instead of the hoped-for advantages, however, literally “old” problems in the ranks of the East Westphalia, both routiniers could not give their team no decisive impulses. Especially in the second half, the hosts showed a few approaches of a skilful and thought-out construction.

“We have to make the games as easy as possible, that did not succeed us in the second half,” Castro analyzed correctly and confused reluctantly: “We are not there at the moment that we can do the game.” Of course, the ex-national player himself could not change it. A single halfway constructive action towards Gate right at the beginning he showed, but then the events ran largely past him.

Harmless Arminia

He raised the age of the Armin: Gonzalo Castro. Imago / Ulrich Hufnagel

Rightly, Arminia had already presented himself in the first round, but at least the one or the other goalkeeping. “Immediately at the beginning of the second half, we were not clear enough, not constructively came to the opposing half,” also admitted coaches Kramer.

For an hour, Captain Klos had endeavored to put his stamp to the game. A supposed grand chance of the Bielefeld’s woven guest Keeper Rafal Gikiewicz strong, but a hit would not have counted because of away anyway.

Klos ensures straw fire

Once again, Klos wake up with a ball fought at the centerline the emotions of the fans, then the performance curve also showed it down. “We need to play clearer, simple football,” he roamed afterwards, “less with long balls and if, then go to the second balls.”

The ultimately earned 0: 1 bankruptcy against the Augsburg’s passing in the table, but the two oldies already straightened the view. “Such a low point is spurred on for the next few weeks,” Klos said when he had left the game gambling. “From tomorrow it goes again full steam towards league.”

Meanwhile, Castro believes that the constellation can be beneficial in the now upcoming encounters for Arminia. “We are a counter team – this will come to us in the next few weeks when we play against the big teams.” What it may apply for the coming weekend – then at Borussia Dortmund.

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