How is Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster?

How is Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster?

Several months later, Square Enix finally launched the Market Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, The last title to be part of this collection of Pixel Remasters. Considering the way your developers have Managed this collection to date, there was a lot of skepticism surrounding this sixth delivery, but it seems that Square Enix took certain lessons from your past to give us a much more enjoyable experience. Here we give you our final impressions about Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster.

This new title follows the same graphic line as its predecessors, so you will find a renewed audiovisual section and in certain parts, I would say it exceeds the original. To begin with, we have a new soundtrack that although it can be unnecessary, the truth is that it is not as bad as maybe it was to be expected. In the same way, the user interface was updated, similar to the other Pixel Remasters , to make it much more friendly with the user, a goal that I think is only partially fulfilled.

Sadly, the horrible source and typography that Square Enix used for the past Pixel Remasters is back in this game. At first I thought that their developers would reconsider and make changes in this section with the future games of this collection, something that evidently did not happen and that until the date I do not understand why they opted for using such an ugly and so hard to read.

Another thing that is worth noting is that this new Remaster does not include all the additional content that did come with its version of Game Boy Advance , so you will not be able to experience those new Dungeons, bosses, team, weapons and More they were part of that portable port. I honestly do not have much trouble with this, but it is easy to understand if some other people do have it.

Generally speaking, and considering the other relanches that this game has had, Final VI Pixel Remaster is certainly one of the best ways to enjoy this classic JRPG. As I was saying before, the new Soundtrack does a good job and sometimes even sounds better than the original, same case with the visual section. Yes, the game is not perfect and has certain bugs and glitches that on more than one occasion they distracted me from experience, but my only real complaint has to do with the horrible source.

At the end of the day, Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster continues to have one of the best stories of the whole saga, full of unique characters and memorable events. The gameplay is varied and fun, and I think the learning curve is just enough for any user, no matter how much experience it has with the JRPGs, can enter it without many problems.

Those who have already played Final Fantasy VI You will see that the game tends to slow down their rhythm once the open world opens, but that is not the only inconvenience here. While in the first half of the story a balanced difficulty remains, things change during the second half because it is very easy to break this barrier of difficulty when giving better equipment, and in general, come back much stronger than you should. Likewise, the class system tends to miss a little one once you learn to master the magic system, but even with these problems, the experience is still quite entertaining.

If you ask me, I think you play Final Fantasy VI in your version of SNES is still the best possible way to enjoy this iconic JRPG , but surprisingly, this * Pixel Remaster * It does a lot better work than I thought. Sadly he could not leave aside several problems that have accompanied the other pixel Remasters of this collection, and maybe it is very naive on my part to say, but I still have a little hope in which, with a patch or update, their developers can Change at least the source.

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Already to conclude, is it worth it Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster? I think that if you never had the opportunity to enjoy the original title, this is a jrgg that you should not lose. This particularly remitted version has a couple of errors that are certainly notable (starting with the horrible source), but as such, I think Square Enix did a good job giving new life to what we could consider the “almost “Definitive version of Final Fantasy VI.

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