Attracted to the story that floats the “human essence” of “forgotten cities”! Here is the best part of the selection weight and time loop

Even if you say the game, the style varies. If you like a global large hit work, you can not conserve a manufacturer or creator of your briefness regardless of the scale, or some people who find and play a hidden masterpiece.

The author is the work pattern called game writer, and the game before the release is also checked as much as possible. However, it is ashamed, but it has not been covered to cover all of them. While you want to convey attractive works, there is a game writer that you don’t know…… Currently, while working to improve these situations, it has not been eliminated yet.

Such a title of the play report that had a consultation from the editorial department, also one of the works that did not know and was not known to hear. This work is a work that recongrimated the high rating MOD who received a global scriptist award and recorded 3 million downloads.

Even if you enjoy the game as a hobby, it is more important to find out what kind of content to collect information about the work and make sure to play. If it is a game writer, the frequency will be more than more, and the opportunity to play the game in a straight moment is rare.

But this time, I was the main reason for my studies, but I was blessed with that valuable opportunity. Play from all 0 and are attracted to what point? Through a rare experience in contact with a neutral perspective while the game writer, I would like to get to the characteristics and attraction of this “forgotten city”. This work is released on March 3rd on March 3, but it is PS5 version that I played this time.

# ■ The point where the main character was lost, a distorted city bound to “golden-red”

When you start the “forgotten city” from the title screen, first a stranger is in front of you. When I heard her story, she was she was flowing in the river and it seems that she helped me.

And she wanted to find a male “Al” that she does not come back to the ruins nearby. It is a pretty request that I just saw, but I also accept that proposal.

By the way, the exchange with this woman who named Karen is a lot of choices while the game is at the beginning of the game. Some have a response that she she is also prepared, and it is transmitted that it is a work that places emphasis on the conversation.

When I reached the ruins, there were underground cities with elaborate golden statues. Somewhere in this place that feels unfeeling air, play Al.

But this search line ends quickly as soon as possible. Discovered men who seem to be Al. His body was changing to golden. If it is, the golden image seen here is actually…?

The route to come here was one way, so I have no way to go ahead. Then, by the voice that guides you, it is invited to a mysterious portal.

And when I felt, a heavy city was spreading there. However, the structure is aware of the mind. Yes, it is very similar to the ruins where I was walking until above.

There are residents in this city, and the one “Galerius”. He obviously corresponds to this city’s residents, and it responds without being doubted. Of course, there is a circumstance, and the route to be guided by the leader of this city and revealed one end of the reason.

Even though it is a vast city, only a limited number of people lives. Each has lost in this city. There is a resident of not knowing. No one know how to leave this city. Apparently, other than the events that occurred in my own, it seems strange situations. In addition, resident’s clothes are also suitable for this city and look like an old-fashioned dress.

In the middle of the way, the provider is replaced, and the absolute rule “golden-rose” story etc. in this city is heard, and the figure was still from the modern dress. This mysterious situation and many doubts are sometimes rising one after another, such as their own positions that look perhaps for them.

Some of these questions have been resolved by the political officer’s “Sentouse”. Of course, there was a new question in that new questions and the difficult situation where the main character has to stand up, but….

First of all, those who live in this city were a Roman age, dating from the modern to 2000 years. And they are lost in this city, and they continue to be trapped for 7 months without looking at the escape method.

This is a difficult story, but this city has a severe rule, such as “if there is a person who has been sinned alone.” This is not a decision due to residents, but it was placed in advance, it seems like an absolute rule by the hand of God. This was the details of “Golden Run” I heard earlier.

An absolute punishment for death to death, including the person who committed sins. If you give priority to your own interest, you will die and you will die, and the scale and risks involving are also huge. If not, it would be an ideal town that no one doesn’t commit sin-it was a picture spacing that is too comfortable to think of it.

Although it is a narrow city, there are more than 20 people here. If the number of people is gathered, the characteristics of the character will come out, and it will also be conflicting by the difference in the way of thinking. In addition, you will fall with others without breaking the “golden” and you will also benefit from you. Humans are no longer unrelated to instinct and desire, no matter how far.

Humans who do not fit the sled are the most mild means of taking a distance. However, in this city without escape measures, the selection is also limited. There are people who can not trust, and someone eliminates sins if you die. This city is no matter what you think, from the ideal town, is a far away shura.

And, it was another protagonist that was called from the future to determine the human being to break this “goldenonomy”. If there is no human who breaks “golden”, there is no need to ask for help, and the protagonist will not be asked to return to the original world. Provide a paradox solution.

The main character only has attracted inconvenience, but at this point, it is already felt that there is a gambling of the game sex such as “human relations and situations, affecting human relationships and situations” already at this point, and the interest as a player is Tsunkey. In the form of suggesting, the curtain of a mystery full of mystery goes up in earnest.

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