Top Legendary Hand Guns in Destiny 2: Queen Witch

Top Legendary Hand Guns in Destiny 2: Queen Witch

In Destiny 2 there is something to choose from. And in the season of the rebels, the hand guns are one of the most sought-after weapons in the game. Although it is difficult to name one hand gun best, we recommend Cantana-57.

Cantana-57 has several really interesting advantages. First, there is a chance that Cantana-57 will fall together with feature of the origin of Suros Synergy . This feature increases the handling of the weapon and for a short time reduces shuddering from the incoming damage.

This proves the convenience, cleaning large groups of enemies. A second up, if you are lucky, you may encounter Cantana-57 s Verpez Weapon as well as Hurricane Center Privileges. Former grants more damage against bosses, vehicles and guards with their superactive . The last Perk makes your weapon more accurate when your health becomes low .

Since this weapon falls, even if you did not acquire the “Queen Witch” supplement, you can try it yourself. Moreover, this weapon is more deadly, if you have modification of a helmet for capturing a target . In general, this weapon not only can keep its position in the PVE arena, but also good shows in the PVP arena.

At the moment, my attention has attracted Cantana-57, but I will not wait to see the new recycled Palindrome and Palindrome (Adept). The release of GrandMaster NightFalls is only a matter of time. And as soon as it does, we will find out whether Cantana-57 can be reached by the legendary Palindrome.

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