Koei Tecmo meets the fiasco of dead or alive hair

Koei Tecmo meets the fiasco of dead or alive hair

Dead or Alive 6 has long been a whale hunter, sniffing players both inflated with silver and inclined to judge. The last development of this saga nickel / dime a koei tecmo load players every time they want to change the color of a character’s hair. It’s a bit of a hairy situation. A capillary fiasco, if you want.

To be clear, it’s a shiny dollar whenever someone’s hair is put in a different color. So, if you pay to change it and you hate, then it’s another dollar to change it. The players were naturally upset, you see. Koei Tecmo has since apologized and a promise to do better, as shown below:

Dead Or Alive's Future In Question, Director Yohei Shimbori Leaves Koei Tecmo After 16 Years
Fans, we hear and recognize your disappointment behind our deployment of the new hair color functionality for DOA6. We greatly appreciate your comments and work on a solution that helps mitigate this problem and share our plans in the coming days.

We apologize for our missteps and work hard to solve this situation. We thank you in advance for your patience and hope you will continue to appreciate DOA6.

Now it seems very sincere until you realize that there are only a few things they can change. Either the hair is cheaper to change, more to change, or they do nothing at all. They could also not charge the players for every dyeing work, but this idea is nowhere in their apology. “A solution that helps mitigate this problem” is slippery for “we always want money from you, but perhaps more subtle.” Let’s hope that Koei Tecmo discovers this ground of understanding they are looking for.

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