Young oil rig operation shim “Drill Deal

Young oil rig operation shim “Drill Deal

Developer A2 SoftWorks and Publisher Manager Games S. A. And Red Dev Studio S. A. Aoi Operatorial Lig Operation Sim “Drill Deal-Oil Tycoon” exposed to the Ocean Oil Lig Operation Sim “Drill Deal-Oil Tycoon” .

This work is a characteristic simulation game that is a voxel color that builds and operates an oil rig, which is an oil drilling facility on the sea. We will start from a small facility and aim to extend new markets, develop new markets, and expand new markets, and extend it to a huge connected platform.

Drilling Animation
Game mode is equipped with sandbox mode that can play without limitation in addition to eight types of story scenarios deployed at unique locations. More than 100 events are available, and it is also necessary to prepare for pirates, telolists, and endings, not only disasters such as snowstorms, windproofs, earthquakes, and ends with huge sea monsters.

“Drill Deal-Oil Tycoon” is scheduled to be released in Japan for March 10, for PC (STeam) for the store page. Depending on the PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch within a few months, it is unknown for domestic deployment.

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