Place of Elden Ring Claws: How to get a claw weapon

Place of Elden Ring Claws: How to get a claw weapon

One of the best parts of Elden Ring or any other Soulsborne game is to find weapons with great cosmetic stimulus and unique feature. A particularly characteristic type of weapon, on which they could come across, is the claw weapon or hook claws , a few cuffs with blades in the end to light enemies at fatal speed. These are not only excellent in order to pretend to be Wolverine in the Lands Between, but also work quite well in skill-based builds. If you are wondering where you can get your own pair, read more for our guide How to get the claw weapon in Elden Ring!

Location of the Elden Ring Claws: How to get a claw weapon

To find the Hook chocolates you have to have beaten first Margit, the evil omen to get access to the side entrance castle storm veil , where these claws are hidden. Climb the stairs that leads up to the closed gate (or open it when you have come on) and go left through the door, through a broken wall, and climb the rocky ruins to achieve a place of grace. Directly in front of it is a series of steps with three exile enemies, do them and go through the door and take the right door next.

Elden Ring - How to Get Beast Claw
Inside, they see some steps with a small passage next to it , this leads to an exile with a big ax. Kill him and in the rear left corner you will discover a corpse that holds the claws.

These claws will prove helpful in this area as they are efficient and deadly against many of these enemies, which often expose rapid beats. You can also use them with two hands, allowing them to put one on each hand and make even more latterable attacks.

This completes our guide This is how you get the claw weapon in Elden Ring! Be sure to take a look at our review for the game as well as other instructions to find weapons, such as: B. Farm the Limgrave Tower Bridge Giants for your helldingness and more! Elden Ring appears on February 25, 2022 for PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S!

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