“President 20s?

“President 20s?

“The leader in the 10th grade economy should be different. Now it is necessary to master the education, science, culture, history, and prepare the insightful leadership of the 4th Industrial Revolutionary National Daejeon,” Soft Power (Soft Power) ) ‘Leadership is required. “President Release” has focused on this part and has been a feeling of 200 years, as a feeling of “a great superhuman” to lead the Republic of Korea in the Daejeon. “

The author of “President of the President” in the “President Release”, which was ahead of TV movie disclosure, is the reason why the Professor of the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy Graduate School has decided to write novels.

Professor Yoon Jong Lock is a typical Tech Nocrat (Technocrat), which has raised the voice of the future creation science by 2013 and to prepare the new economic system of the new era.

When he went to public office after passing the technical notice, he completed Mason’s heart of Map of Dasan and went back to the birthplace of rising in the lord. The first and end of his public life is with Daeran. “President Release” was written in this background.

The brief plot of “President Release” reborn as TV films is the president (1818), and after the president of the National Citizenship (2022), the government has become President of the people, all.

This is the reality of the 21st century. He explained that the 4th Industrial Revolutionary fan demam is accelerating to Daejeon Hwan who can not reject any1. The change in the intensity of the century is that it can not collater the future of the people of the people and the state of the people who stay in the “empty circle) of politics in the fourth industrial revolution in a moment.

He has released the attitudes and qualities, and visions that the future leader to have a future leader in the current situation of our country, which is standing on an important group beyond the 10th Economic Global.

In the filmning work, Lee Hong-seok, who directed Lee Hong-seok, who directed the ‘star of hope – Ideas Jere’, and the “Honest Candidate”, “Hi-kick”, ” Especially, actor Kim Seung-woo takes care of the Reagent Station and challenges the historical drama since his debut. Here, Lee Jae-hee, Kang Young Seok, Lim Ho, Kim Kang-hyun,

The mainland had a professor and meeting at the Seoul COEX Intercontinental Hotel on the 21st. The following is a dangling of Yoon Jong-hoon and Park, Seung-jung, Judi Net Korea Editorial Editor.

“Daisan is a real-time old town such as Leonardo Da Vinci of Joseon”

** When the TV movie of “President Release” is broadcasted by “President of the President”. Could it be seen in this month as scheduled.

Professor Yoon Jong Lock Kaist : It is scheduled to finish the shooting and have a premiere of this week. But it seems to be a little postponed. I do not know if it is conscious of the presidential election, or if there is another situation.

Park, Seung-jung : “President Release”, why did you write a Masan’s main character?

Yoon, Jong Lock : Daisan was the Leonardo Da Vinci of Joseon ‘. He was a scientist and at the same time educator, literature, and it was a genius person that was a medicalist who wrote ‘Mahardan’ on measles treatment.

There are few people to be crossed as for the records. Based on this achievement, Dasan became a person who was listed in UNESCO in 2012 in 2012 in Korea. Dasan was simply a person who had been in education, science, culture, politics, not simply one of the officials. I wanted to highlight this part, so I wrote his work.

Park, Seung-jung : It is interesting to set the time warp in “President Release”. Could you explain the procedure before and after time to the 21st century.

Yun Da Lock : Families of Daesan are the mountains of the introduction of Catholicism in Korea. It was a lot of martyrs, and Lee Seung-hoon, who was a representative character, Dusa Young, who was a nephew of Dasan, causes a white paper case. The white paper case sends a letter containing the way the Catholicism to the Gibeabian bishop in Beijing sends the contents of the contents of the contents of the contents of the shipbuilding government.

Because of the family of Dasan, the family has suffered many of them. Daisan I was living in Gangjin for 18 years. He will throw his hope of his hope, and a walk as a manner. But Daesan will go to the spirit of the spirit and use the book of 509 books for the future of Chosun.

Meaning is heart? “President Release” starts with the 21st century Dasan after his oil life of 18 years.

Park, Seung-jung : Then, briefly introduce the contents and topics of “President Release” and go to the next topic.

Yoon, Jong – Lock : “President Release” starts to demonstrate imagination that Dasan’s time travel comes to Korea after 200 years. Dasan contains the pathological issues of Hyundai Korea and to break into the most innovative future countries.

In the work, Daesan discovers that the descendants of the 21st century live in two districts. The earth (real world) and another world (cyber world) are coexisting.

What Dasan was the most amazing, it is not a car, airplane, washing machine that could not be imagined at the end of Joseon, but another world, ie a cyber world.

Korea has come to the 10th economy in the real world, but it must be leadership in the cyber world to go up. Because of the power of imagination, the power of imagination, that is, it is natural that it should be ‘soft power’, not hard power.

“I have to go ahead of my imagination to change my imagination.”

Park, Seung-jung : I hear the term ‘soft power’, I remember that you have led a vitamin project based on imagination when you are in the prospect. Currently, can I explain to the situation of the Republic of Korea.

Yuntron : The three major nutrients required for humans are carbohydrates, fat and protein. But in our economy, carbohydrates, fat and proteins are already overflowing. It is a small vitamin that is made up, but it can be made of ICT.

Often, if the three major nutrients mean the hard power that makes energy, vitamins means soft power that allows vitamins to enable and transcend it. Future Creative Science Department of Liberal Creative Science When I was constantly, I was constantly persuaded to borrow the ICT and science of the Future Creative Science in Future Creative Science.

Recently, I was a CCTV that I had a CCTV with my ears, or an artificial intelligence. Much more fully perfect than humans, you can accomplish your mission well. This can be a vitamin D (Defense, Defense).

Park, Seung-jung : Then there is a representative examples implementing soft power.

Yun Da Lock : Only the Agriculture exporter of the United States, the Netherlands is the next world. This was possible because it was possible for 27 years of effort to eliminate agricultural subsidies and has had a leadership that caused agricultural grants to eliminate agricultural subsidies. Only 3,000 populations are only about 5,000, “Beaheningen (WAGENINGEN) Food Valley” is a 10% of national GDP. It can be said to be the result of city 産 産. Corporate collaboration, and local governments are achieved through collaboration with clear goals.

Only five minutes of the population of Korea, Israel is taking control of life sciences since Corona. It is the result of a life science on the three major axes of the National Management of Science and Technology, which has been in the science and technology centered on President Simon Peres. He has been five years since he left the world, but his policy is not shaken. If the policy is correct, consistency and sustainability is expressed as a great strength in the industry.

How To Be An Inventor! | Kid President

Estonia was a desolate country that is only a tree. However, in 1992, the President, who served as president of the Soviet Union in the Soviet Union, completed the country with the highest incested density per unit population through software duty education in the world. These countries are representative examples of soft power leadership.

“Soft power to change the fundamental paradigm”

Park, Seung-jung : If the next government is launching, do you think the biggest challenge is.

Yun Da Lock : It is the biggest challenge that switches paradigm to a strong Korean Soft Power that can create innovation from the imagination of 0. The industry of Korea, which was winning in the 1 · 2 · 3rd industry, is currently facing crisis. You should simply change the existing industry of the industrialization era that makes the raw material as a product, so you need to change imagination to innovate imagination.

For this purpose, education is important. The educational philosophy of the work in the work was not education that occupies a good job, but it was to create a good job to create a good job.

Future Korea’s leaders should design training to make a good job, not to educate a good job.

Park, Seung-jung : What are the necessary presidential candidates to run in this presidential election, what to do to realize the ideal of Daesan.

Yun Jong Lock : The 21st century Leader must be able to accept the experts in balancing. But now, the political party in Korea is a matter of flowing into Pharia politics like Joseon Dynasty politics. This is a sin. The most urgent part in leadership is the language of the Chosun era, and in terms of the United States, the word “discriminatory talent” should be preceded.

If you are not enough talent in Korea, you must be invited in other countries in other countries. You do not need to be mentioned again. This should be a good idea to do the meaning of ‘Open Innovation’, which is directly procured of technology, ideas and talent.

President Obama has collected a good idea in Korea, China, and others through Open Innovation. As a result, the government has launched a government in the financial crisis situation, but the economic rate has decreased and the economy has accelered growth.

** I wonder if you think that the leader of each station must be learned to Dapsan to Dapan.

Yun Da Lock : If you are a 21st century, you must have a insightful eye that you can see more. Especially, the versatility of Daesan must be learned if the future leadership of the Republic of Korea.

If the low-speed vehicle’s hard power leadership depends on the rearview mirror, now it is now necessary for soft power leadership of a rich imagination that can be viewed in advance until the visible distance.

See our leaders in our country. We are already running away from the Korean Peninsula and active in the world. The eyes of the country leader must come to the height as long as you can overlook the border of many countries at the same time.

It is symbolic to gather all the eyes of the world in the “President Release” on the Korean Peninsula. The “Room for the” Release “in the enterprise is thanks to the achievements. Draw the Korean language and hope of the Korean language that you are expecting such achievements in politics.

Park, Seung-jung : Finally, you will see that there is a candidate for the same competence in this presidential election.

Yun Jong Lock : Well (laugh). I have to leave it to the choice of the people. Maybe I will not support the people of the people.

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