ERC Ingolstadt extended with striker Mirko Höfflin

ERC Ingolstadt extended with striker Mirko Höfflin

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The 29-year-old has been 117 times for the Ingolstädter, scoring 33 goals and delivered 41 templates. “I feel very well here, have an important role in the team and are used in all game situations. I want to build and try to further increase myself,” Höfflin said on Tuesday in Ingolstadt. The association made no information on the contract period. “Mirko is a fixed size in our first three storm rows as well as in the Powerplay and at night. He is run-runny well and is versatile as an outer storm and as a center versatile,” said sports director Larry Mitchell over the native Freiburg, the “always for 15 goals be good per season “.

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