Aubameyang Start Barças Fiesta in Valencia

Aubameyang Start Barças Fiesta in Valencia

After the little satisfactory 1: 1-Heimfremis against Napoli in the Europa League, Barça-Coach Xavi was able to trust the restart busquets, but lacked defensive chief piqué. In total there were five changes: DEST, Araujo, Gavi, Busquets and Dembelé played for Mingueza, Piqué, Nico, Pedri and Traoré.

At Valencia, the winter new entrance Ilaix Moriba brought from Leipzig – with past in Barcelona – once again found itself again in the initial formation. Moriba, as well as his teammates, then first found himself in a narrow corset: Valencia, which had not won three times in a row, awaited the Bluegrana deep and lurked on counterattack.

barça brutally efficient

After a very tough phase, in which two teams was offensively sincerely succeeded, it was Aubameyang, who led the game from his lethargy: the winter newcomer took advantage of a great vertical pass ice cold, hit 1: 0 and achieved his debut hits in La Liga (23rd).

It was the first chance of Bluegranana in this game, but not the last – and Barça proved to be enormously efficient, used any possibility before pause: de Jong (32nd) and again Aubameyang (38.) made for a clear 3 : 0.

Aubameyang First Goal at Barça | Valencia 1-4 Barcelona

That was the half-time level, also because Valencia lacked the necessary playback. So the supposed 1: 3 of Carlos Soler did not count because the var rightly refurbished that the ball had crossed the sideline in the formation (41.).

Valencia wakes up too late

After the page change, the picture changed. Barcelona did not act as sovereign long ago, while the bats brought the forward gear. Carlos Soler luck by head also the rapid 1: 3 (52.), but only a little later, the substitute Pedri with a super long-distance shot restored the old distance again (63.).

Valencia remained brave, occurred in the episode of Racic (69.), Carlos Soler (70th) and Hugo Duro (80th) also to significant degrees – but not more. Barça’s lead from half Ein, ultimately, simply proved too big, so the 4-1 away win of the Catalans never really was in danger.

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