Who is Wall in Horizon Forbidden West?

Who is Wall in Horizon Forbidden West?

Varl is the chief companion of ELA from the very beginning of the game. Although Elo is often trying to get rid of him, he is a reasonable person who is well trained in battle. For players who have not played in the original Horizon Zero Dawn, or for those who just need a brief overview, we will tell you in detail who he is.

Prehistory Varla

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In the first game, Elo has met Varla on the test. They competed directly with each other to become a hole brave. Both ultimately showed themselves, but Ely still received the answer she was needed.

Varl – Son of the commander of the Songs and Senior Brother Shafts. Despite the differences in opinions about the gods and goddess of their world, in the previous game they worked several times together. He and Eloy together attacked an eclipse, as well as aid. It brought him more honors, and he turned out to be brave in the seeker.

However, after Aid was defeated, Elau ran away, despite the party in her honor. Varl decided that he needed to pursue her, as her mission should be important, and overtaking it at Horizon Forbidden West. From now on, he will act as an ela companion. Unfortunately, it does not allow the game to be multiplayer and does not affect the function of the second pilot in the game.

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