LOL: Wolf Esports Club stays with the Supay Gaming Quota in LVP Chile

LOL: Wolf Esports Club stays with the Supay Gaming Quota in LVP Chile

On February 15, the Honor League Entel offered a statement about what happened with supay gaming . As we speak earlier, the Chilean organization was accused of lack of payments to its players. Unofficially, it confirmed its output from the circuit LVP from Chile , leaving without club to the quintet of players who sought to continue competing.

The good news is that this Latin American episode did not close bitterly. Supay Gaming left the circuit of League of Legends, allowing Wolf ESPORTS Club to enter about half the regular phase. The decision was made based on the talks sustained between the parties involved. Wolf ESports Club absorbed both athletes and the technical body, as well as the administrative staff that remained in defense of all: Javiera “Kristal” González. “This decision was taken in order to defend sportsmanship and work done” , elaborated LVP Chile.


As an additional information, Wolf ESPORTS Club said that “he was leaving” before the announcement. What seemed the cessation of operations, was actually a word game to confirm that they were going, but at LVP Chile.

About the suspended meetings will be carried out 21 (Furious Gaming) , 22 (Movistar Optix) and February 28 (Gaming Meta) . At the time of publishing the note, the herd of wolves reports a record 0-5 in the position table, being out of the tournament qualifiers phase. Remembering briefly: the Honor League Entél sends to its Top 6 to a double elimination format. The four best teams start from the winners key, while the rest starts from the loser key.

The fifth week of the Telcel Honor Division will begin on February 21 with Maze Gaming match against Wolf Esports Club. It will continue on the 22nd to close with Santiago Wanderers facing the wolves as a last meeting of the day.

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