Ioc-President Bach to Walijewa

Ioc-President Bach to Walijewa

Ioc President Thomas Bach has been “disturbed” and very worried in the face of the fate of the 15-year-old figure skater Kamila Walijewa. On a press conference on Friday in Beijing, he mainly attacked the team of the Russian. “When I saw how she was received by her entourage, that seemed so cold. That was terrifying,” said Bach.

Joint IOC & Beijing 2022 Daily Briefing - 15.02.2022

Instead of helping her, one felt “a cool atmosphere, a distance”. The discussions and legal conflicts around their doping affairs had obviously burdened Walijewa in the free scale of the winter games. “The pressure goes beyond my imagination,” said Bach. All this give him “not much confidence in Kamila’s closest environment”.

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The European champion had been positively tested for a heart-average on 25 December, but was allowed to participate in the games despite a resolution of the sports court CAS despite the doping coupling. In the team competition, Walijewa had led Russia to victory, but the medals will be awarded until after completing their case. In the individual competition she fell back in the leisure from the first to fourth place.

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