Horizon Forbidden West: How to hide the headgear

Horizon Forbidden West: How to hide the headgear

Some of the headgear and helmets in Horizon Forbidden West look a bit of silly, but fortunately the game allows you to hide the headgear on any outfit and armor set in the game. It’s a really easy change and you do not lose statistics or bonuses. There are not many other ways to adapt the various arms sets in Horizon Forbidden West (except dyes), so it’s a nice gesture to choose if you want to show your helmet. So you hide your headgear in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to hide the headgear in Horizon Forbidden West

To hide your helmet in Horizon Forbidden West, pause the game and navigate to the settings menu. Then scroll down in the “General” area and turn off the “Show headgear” option to “Off”. This hides the headgear of their equipped outfits. This does not affect the values ​​or capabilities of your armor, and you can change the setting at any time if you want to show your headgear.

Horizon Forbidden West Review

Horizon Forbidden West has many unique arms designs, including some outfits that are only available as a pre-order bonus, but not all have great looking helmets. Strangely, the headgear of some outfits, such as a handful of OSERAM arms sets with bandanas, can not be removed, even if you change the option in the game settings, but all the big helmets and hats belonging to other outfits can be hidden.

Remember that the “Show Headpiece” option concerns all armaments sets in your inventory and stores, not just that you just equipped. This means that you will not see the headgear new armament sets if you are looking for a stitcher for new outfits. So absolutely turn it back when you ask yourself why apparently no new outfits have more helmets.

Horizon prohibited west is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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