Moder or CEO “Corona Pan Demm, its reasonable to see the memillery”

“Corona 19 Pan Demmers folded on the end of the film.”

Stephen Basel Meaders, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said that CNBC reported that the Corona 19 pan Demille has entered the final stage.

The CEO CEO said in the interview with CNBC and “Omitirism is expected to rise to 80% due to the evolution of Omiton.”

But he added, “It is about 20% of the possibility of another variation,” “new variation will be much more fatal than Omiton.”

“Even though” I think it is not very fatal to be a very fatal “,” he said, “Nevertheless, thousands of people are still dying because of Omiton,” he said.

CNBC quoted World Health Organization (WHO), “For a recent 7 days, 15,547 million people have been infected all over the world, and 73162 died.”

Several studies have shown that the Omiton mutation was not fatal compared to Delta mutations, but the contagious is much stronger than Delta variation.

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