Horizon Forbidden West: Your performance in the game makes real trees grow

Horizon Forbidden West: Your performance in the game makes real trees grow

Horizon Forbidden West also has an ecological message in addition to the game and the beautiful world that we should take care of more around the planet. That takes Sony to heart and ensures with a small challenge in the game for more trees on the earth.

Thanks to Trophy Challenge Sony plants real trees

As announced with the following trailer (without spoiler), AB release is a challenge in which you need to receive a trophy. If you can do that, then Sony plants a tree for one of three new planting projects along with the Arbor Day Foundation.

So you take it on it Part : Just play Forbidden West until you reach the trophy “Reached the Daunt”. If you do that until March 25, 2022, then your trophy is added to the donation destination. Sony, however, has set itself a maximum of just under 288,000 trees, which corresponds to three newly plantation projects in the US, which they support with this challenge. If this limit is reached, then the action is also ended.

How to get the Trophy : It’s pretty easy and many of you will probably participate in the action without remembering it. Because the trophy “Reached the Daunt” is part of the main story and gets you after almost two hours of playing time. So you do not have to worry about too big thoughts to create the task.

All other trophies in the game and why platinum is not so hard, you will learn here:

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more on the subject

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Additional news to Horizon Forbidden West :

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Horizon Forbidden West - Challenges of the Forbidden West | PS5, PS4
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We have already been able to tackle the next adventure of Aloy over the past few days, and Horizon Forbidden Editor Linda has dared for hours for you in the forbidden West. Your player experiences and why it is good but can not overrupt the first part in all matters, you read in our review.

Do you find such a challenge cool or should Sony simply plant so trees without linking it to a game?

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