Star Wars: The power of the force announced on Nintendo Switch

Star Wars: The power of the force announced on Nintendo Switch

Wedwardly welcomed in our columns by Amaebi friend at the time of his exit, Star Wars: The power of the force will soon have the right to a second career on the last born of Nintendo. The developer Krome Studios and the Aspyr publisher have indeed announced his reissue for April 20th.

In the middle of the multitude of ads who enamelled the last Nintendo direct, exciting for some, hid another, maybe less quick to ignite the crowds: that of * Star Wars: the power of the force * . Originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360, but also, in less flattering versions, PS2, PSP and Wii, the title originally developed by Lucasarts and Krome Studios will therefore return on Switch on April 20th.

STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Not surprisingly, it’s the Wii version, developed by Krome Studios, which will be found here on the Nintendo Hybrid Console. We will therefore find the controls by the recognition of movements, improved for the occasion if one believes the official communiqué, but also the multiplayer mode locally allowing to embody a Jedi among the 27 available and to take happily in the figure. For the rest, it will probably not expected much of new and so we will find the same adventure, that of Starkil the secret apprentice of Dark Vador, located chronologically between the Star Wars films: the revenge of the Sith And Star Wars: a new hope.

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Star Wars: The Power of Force – Nintendo Switch Trailer

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