LOL: Is Astralis the worst team in the history of LEC? We analyze the data since 2019

LOL: Is Astralis the worst team in the history of LEC? We analyze the data since 2019

After 4 weeks of competition, a team of lec is in a big problem. Astralis has not savored victory yet and players seem to be morally affected. It must be said that the community is not always very forgiving with the losers. Players, technical body and leaders are being harshly criticized and it is not clear how the Red Astro will get out of this negative spiral.

Some do not hesitate to demand the dismissal of the structure. The Lec is a closed league where there is no drops and sporting astralis does not risk anything this year, as last year and as next year. The situation is even more frustrating in France and Spain, where all the followers of Karmine Corp and heretics or koi would be integrated into the European elite.

Fantasies are going well and the ultras would dream of a mandatory plaza transfer that would be justified by the bad classification of astralis, which has had a streak of bad results in recent years. But with the Danish team rushed to be called ‘ the worst team of the elite of Europe ‘, it’s time to see if this hypothesis is true. Today is surely true, but what about 2019, the first year of LEC? Here are 3 performance indicators that allow us to see things with a little more clarity.

A small lesson of history before starting

As chips he remembered in his long thread over Astralis, the red star came from a change of brand of origin. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the results (good and bad) of the structure with its two identities. The situation is comparable to that of Spyce converted into Mad Lions. We talk about rebranding with the retention of the same leaders and not resale, contrary to what could have happened between Schalke 04 and Team BDS. To know if astralis is the worst team in the history of LEC, we have fun creating several indicators.

Regularity: Astralis has not been so ridiculous thanks to the era origin

The era Origin allowed to significantly raise the average in the ranking, particularly because at that time the team had managed to obtain a 2nd and a 3th place. This indicator is far from perfect and some will argue in particular that between ending 7 or 10, there is really no real impact because, in any case, we are not playing the playoffs. However, saying that Astralis is the worst team of LEC since its creation remains easily false. 4 teams have a lower average and among them, we find a certain Team Vitality

the playoffs, a place that Astralis barely knows

Historically, we can not say that astralis has never participated in the playoffs. On the other hand, it is true that at this level is part of the part of the table down with misfits and especially Excel ESPORTS with 0 participations. We must also recognize that your last participation was a long time ago. If rabbits savored the adrenaline of the playoffs in summer 2021, the last time Astralis had this privilege was origin in the spring Split of 2020.

By the way, we can take away the hat against Fnatic, G2 and Mad Lions, who have managed to be present in all playoffs of the LEC.

The best result: astralis does it much better than most

_ * Team Vitality ended at best in the fifth / sixth place in the summer and spring 2019. At that time, the format was different and the teams were not besieged in a particular position.

Many fanatics know it and the European region lacks a bit of diversity when it comes to coroning the winners. If we talk about the modern era (LEC) it has only been two different champions and FNATIC is not even part of the discussion. Once again, fanatics who have little memory will surely have forgotten that origin had managed to finish second at spring 2019 (defeat against G2). This action deserves a little respect and several structures, much less criticized, can not boast such a feat.

To conclude, through our three performance indicators, we can not really say that Astralis is an extremely bad structure. His past is still more than honest and the team did not disappoint in 2019 as soon as he started the Lec. The concern is that today the team is running pretty badly. Never shone with your current brand (the red star) and since many fans have recently been interested in League of Legends with the emergence of karmine corp and koi… was already * too late * For astralis.


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