Horizon Forbidden West details your accessibility options

Horizon Forbidden West details your accessibility options

Horizon Forbidden West will have numerous accessibility options, Official it hOfficial detailed Games GuerrillOfficial on the Official Blog of PlayStation. The subtitles are activated by default. The size and bottom can be configured in order to improve the gameplay. The first time the game is started the language can be selected , both the voices and the subtitle of the subtitles. Mechanical and control tutorials are in the notebook, “a great encyclopedia” that contains all kinds of information.

Official for the Modes of difficulty , Guerrilla hOfficial designed an experience that adapts to all kinds of players profiles. There are five modalities, ranging from history to the very difficult thing. “We also add the level of personalized difficulty, which allows you to adjust the damage that Aloy inflicts or suffers, which gives you more flexibility when configuring the difficulty of combat”.

The new machine hunting system encourages players to take them out quickly, Official they are rapidly destroyed. “Official this may be too demanding, we have introduced the eOfficialy booty system **. When activating this option, the external components of resources coupled to the machine are added to the inventory when killing and looting “. It is activated by default in Story and eOfficialy mode and is included Official an option in the custom.

The controls, all customizable

Horizon Forbidden West introduces Control presets , option for leftover and fully configurable controls, although they provide warnings if they detect potential conflicts. The copilot system, on the other hand, allows access to a second command with the same controls. Of course, another command and a second user profile is needed. “It wOfficial implemented thanks to the incredible Officialsessments and the support of our blind accessibility advisor,” they revealed.

The motion sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) of the DualSense can be used optionally. “ There are sliding bars that adjust the sensitivity of the movement, Official well Official adjustments for the dead zone of the analog joysticks. You can also quickly change from weapon with pressing only one button, and exchange the functionality of the left and right joysticks for the movement of the character and the camera “.

Horizon Forbidden West Accessibility Features
The PS5 version uses adaptive triggers and haptic vibration , but adjustments such Official vibration intensity are added in the kinematics, displacement, combat, interface or environment, Official well Official the possibility of deactivating adaptive triggers When you handade the weapon.

Officialsistance settings and visual and sound settings

The Officialsistance settings allow to modify the speed of the slow motion on the weapon wheel, activate the Officialsisted aim and increOfficiale the duration of the concentration (slow down the time with the arc susum). “Even activate the automatic concentration (Official long Official you have some concentration) so you do not have to activate it manually in peliaguda combat situations.”

Other options that have been profiled are the automatic sprint, automatic healing (health below 50%) “or automatic alaescudo (which is deployed when you have unlocked the skill and fall from great heights).” The option ‘Always active climbing indications’ increOfficiales visibility without using the focus.

To achieve a more organic exploration, indicators are reduced, but the player hOfficial the possibility to activate them. The same happens with route points. On the other hand, during longer trips, the option ‘the mount follows the path’ allows you to automatically advance.

With the aim of reducing the visual difficulties and sound , you can configure the tremor of the camera, motion blur, customize the interface, etc. “Official for the sound, there are independent controls for music, voices and effects. Official if that were not enough, you can force the mono audio and deactivate the sounds, such Official the screens of the machines “.

Horizon Forbidden West will come out February 18 in PS4 and PS5.

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