Prime Gaming: Offers presented for February 2022

Prime Gaming: Offers presented for February 2022

Available on Prime Gaming in February

While it is getting colder and wintry outside, you can make prime gaming members comfortable with a number of new free titles and content for popular games at home:

  • To celebrate the upcoming release of Lost Ark by Amazon Games, there are exclusive Ingame content for Prime Gaming members in February. Lost Ark is playable for free from the 11th of February. Who acquires a pioneer package, can get started in the game from 8 February. More details will follow soon.
  • Exclusive content for the recently published Rainbow Six Extraction as well as for New World, Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Blankos, Case Guys, FIFA 22, Lords Mobile, Roblox, Two Point Hospital and more.
  • The free games with Prime in February with Stellaris, Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, As Far As The Eye, Double Kick Heroes and Golazo! Soccer League.

Amazon Prime members can pick up these offers from February for a limited time on

The new trailer gives an overview of the highlights that Amazon Prime members can secure this month. The free games with Prime include Stellaris, Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, As Far As The Eye and more, and there are Ingame content for Destiny 2, Blankos Block Party, Splitgate and many other titles.

The highlights of the month:

  • Rainbow Six Extraction – Prime members can get in the fight against a constantly evolving extraterrestrial threat and a free Rubicon Phase Bundle, which contains exclusive headgear and uniforms for all 18 operator in the tactical multiplayer shooter.
  • FIFA 22 – The Prime Gaming Pack 4 for the football simulation contains 7x rare gold players, 2x 82 OVR Player Picks, 12x rare consumables and 1x Salah rental player.
  • Blankos Block Party – Prime members can pick up two bundles for the free MMO from 1 February. The Mashup Bundle contains 20,000 Moola, 3x Gumballs and 10 large XP tokens; The accessory bundle includes 500 Blankos Bucks and a headdress.
  • Lords Mobile – from 7 to 21 February, the pack F Warlord Pack, including Withdraw Squad, Random Relocator, Relocator, Anti-Scout, Army Size Boost and Maggot Chest on Prime members. From February 21 to March 7, there is Pack A: Progression Pack with Speed ​​Up, Speed ​​Up Research, Speed ​​Up Training, Gryphon Chest, Noceros Chest and Rare Material Chest.

From 1 February Five new free title on the Prime Gaming members. Whether it’s about surviving in the hard world of Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, or to travel to the center of the world in As Far As the Eye, players can look forward to exciting adventures.

  • Stellaris – In this Grand Strategy Game, players explore a galaxy full of miracles, interact with extraterrestrial species, discover foreign worlds full of unexpected events and expand the influence of the Empire in a variety of ways.
  • Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey – players break in this non-linear, narrative survival simulation on a journey through a rough world without rules and laws. You have to cite your companions to take care of food and equipment and overcome moral dilemmas to achieve one of the 34 sorts of ends.
  • AS FAR AS THE EYE – In this round-based Roguelike resource management game, players build a Nomadian village to travel to the center of the world with their tribe. On their way, they expect procedures generated situations, natural events, capability trees and heavy decisions.
  • Double Kick Heroes – on the highway in hell, it is important to slaughter in 24 levels full of madness through hordes to zombies.
  • Golazo! Soccer League – The dynamic arcade football title promises a lot of fun, without fouls and offside rule.

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