Named Kitten Survival “Rain World” Fan Development Large Extension MOD to formal adoption. Development source reacquire game rights

Named Kitten Survival “Rain World” Fan Development Large Extension MOD to formal adoption. Development source reacquire game rights

Developer Videocult revealed to formally adopt the MOD “more slugcats Expansion” developed by the fan for the action adventure game currently on sale on January 29th. The implementation time is undecided and is guided only to “the future that is not far.”

A TNR Fieldtrip...if you will.

“Rain World” is an action adventure game that is set to the world after the collapse of civilization. A protagonist Namkuji cat will live and adventure the harsh environment to look for a family that has been ridged. A strange organism is inhabiting various things in the world of this work, and it is characterized by the presence of a food chain concept. Named cats are not located at the top of the ecosystem, but while being scared to hunting, it must be hungry and starvation. In addition, heavy rainfall swallowing the world may occur, and evacuates to a safe place before it is too late.

This work has been released PC / PS4 version in 2017 and then ported to Nintendo Switch. We have added a very high evaluation, and after a multi-play mode with up to four people, a sandbox mode that customs custom possible, is added.

In the last few years, this work was not particularly moving such as this, but development source VIDEOCULT conducted live distribution on Twitch on Twitch on January 29th. In this case, we announced that the MOD “MORE SLUGCATS Expansion” of the fan development described above is officially supported.

The MOD is an extended MOD that has been developed for more than four years. In addition to adding five types of sneak cats as new playable characters, more than 1000 maps, organisms, items, and stories including different endings are also added. Additional characters have a breath in water or handle explosives, making long tongues as weapons, respectively.

In addition, game modes such as challenge mode that records a large number of scenarios where the player’s survival skills can be tried, and the area searched in the main story Also added. It is also planned to improve the tips for beginners and improve QOL such as enemy map display functions, and information logs, and create new capture routes.

Although it is a MOD that carries a large extension, it seems that there was a right relationship over the “Rain World”, but the background adopted this time. Development source VIDEOCULT has been broadcasting that we have won the fullness of this work again at the end of legal procedure for about one year and we have become able to do ourselves.

It is unknown what kind of circumstances had, but it may be that the right to be deposited in Adult SWIM Games, which is the seller of this work. Although the company has been working on sales of several indie games so far, there is no new work after “Samurai Jack: Battle Through” released in 2020. In addition, outgoing on the official Twitter was last year last year retweet. It is likely that VIDEOCULT could not be active as if the operation is stopped.

Anyway, it has been decided that the implementation of MOD “MORE SLUGCATS Expansion” to “Rain World” was officially performed. The delivery time is undecided, but after a few weeks later, it will announce more details. Also, by re-acquiring the right of this work, it is also planned to make the version of all platforms equivalent.

“Rain World” is delivered for PC (STeam) / ps4 / Nintendo Switch.

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