Horizon Forbidden West shows his first images on PS4 Pro

Horizon Forbidden West shows his first images on PS4 Pro

Guerrilla Games has presented new images of Horizon Forbidden West , for the first time working on PS4 Pro. At the same entry, published on the PlayStation blog, they have announced that the title has already reached the state Gold, so you’re ready for your launch scheduled for February 18.

This new glance, running on the older sister of Sony’s past generation, presents three more videos about her world. The first of them, who can see in this link, teaches us a little more cantollano, the home of the Utar tribe, where it shows “how they live in gigantic straw dosels built for defensive purposes on top of the quiet radar antennas of the Ancient world”.

The other two videos reveal how the game in combat will be seen: the first one shows a confrontation against the agile peramators, while the second (the one who is heading the news) shows Aloy fighting with the colmilluds.

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Recall that last September the study spoke about the version of Horizon Forbidden West in the past generation, something that could give to think that it would stay behind the edition of PS5. Then, they declared that “the fact that the team has overcome the limits of the PlayStation 5 version of Horizon Forbidden West does not mean that the version for PlayStation 4 is compromised», and its objective is that both versions achieve an “equally Immersive ».

Here you have, in addition, some catches catches published by the guerrilla itself, also running in a PlayStation 4 Pro:

Horizon Forbidden West will be published on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PLAYSTATION 5 .

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