The first content season is delayed for Battlefield 2042

The first content season is delayed for Battlefield 2042

Says is dealing with a lot of problems thanks to the chaotic release of _ Battlefield 2042. However, they are not willing to surrender and today they shared new information related to the future of this * FPS * . To give priority to things they truly need it, their authors decided to postpone the first season of content until this year’s summer.

To begin with, the game will finally receive an improved scoreboard system, which will be added imminently. This will be complemented by a report at the end of each game, which will arrive at a later update. They will also update the profiles of the players to include more relevant information, as well as improvements to the voice chat system.

Season 1 DELAYED! Update & Rant For Battlefield 2042 News

Similarly, they will make adjustments to key mechanics of the gameplay, as the rewards you get your team by capturing objectives, and of course, there will also be more changes directed to the balance of shots and weapons.

If you were someone who bought the Gold or Ultimate Edition, then says you will be giving you a kit of accessories and skins that you can see in the image above. Said rewards will begin to be distributed from the next update of the game.

Recently, it also began to rumored about the possibility that _ Battlefield 2042 _ would end up being a title _Free-to-play, _ this as part of EA’s efforts and says to restore the reputation of the study and increase the User base

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